3 interesting types of printed circuit boards and their uses

When it comes to printed circuit boards, there are many types and they all have various applications. The difference in most of the boards is usually in the number of layers of the conducting material and how flexible the circuit board is. It is important to know the various types of circuit boards so that you can know which one you need depending on the electronic gadget you are manufacturing. If you get the wrong circuit board, your product won’t function effectively. Thus, you may end up manufacturing low quality products. Some of the common types of printed circuit boards include:

  1. Single layer

This is the most common type of printed circuit board. It is also the simplest to design and the easiest for your pcb manufacturer to produce. It consists of a single layer of the base material coated on one side with a thin layer of metal. In most cases, the metal used is copper due to its fantastic conducive properties. In this circuit board, all the components and materials are soldered onto one side. It can be mass produced cost effectively due to how popular it is. Single layer printed circuit boards can be used in calculators, cameras and printers.

  1. Double layer

When it comes to double layered ones, their pcb fabrication includes a base material with a thin layer of conductive metal such as copper applied on both sides. Holds are filled on one side of the board by the pcb manufacturer to allow connections of  circuits on one side of the board to those of the side. The circuits and components of the board can either be connected by a through-hole or a surface mount. Double layer circuits have many applications including LED lighting, HVAC systems and industrial controls.

  1. Rigid

Rigid printed circuit boards are named so because they have a solid base substrate that ensures the board does not twist. They are the most commonly manufactured with a wide array of applications. They are preferred where the circuit board is needed to remain in the same shape throughout the lifespan of the gadget. An example of its application is in computer motherboards. The pcb fabrication of rigid circuit boards includes single layered, double layered and even multiple layered boards. This means a rigid printed circuit board can have up to ten

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