4 Common Myths about Buying Used Cars

The used car market is as old as the car persists themselves. You need to do some research work before buying a used car. This should include vehicle check, online price comparison, test drive and also vehicle history check. Despite following all checks, some customers fall back and suffer a lot due to a bad deal. While doing the research on used car, always have a look at quality used cars in Mumbai. This article sheds light on some of the common myths about buying used cars.

  • A common myth is that many think that a used car is less durable because it is already been used for years by the first owner. Hence, the second owner has to experience breakdown and visit workshop at regular intervals of time. However, this is not true, provided you get a complete vehicle check done by an expert mechanic before buying it.  
  • People always look for used cars driven by elderly person whose commute is restricted. They believe that such cars are more reliable. But according to a study, unless a vehicle is 8 years or more, the owners need not worry regarding investing on them after a thorough inspection.
  • Many used car buyers believe that buying a used car from a private seller is always the best option. This might sound easy, but it’s definitely not the best. It’s very difficult to find out if the seller is an honest person. Furthermore, consumer protection laws cannot help you if you are buying from a private seller. A safer bet is to buy through a dealer.  
  • Another common myth that is doing rounds among the used car buyers is that there’s a very limited choice when it comes to second-hand cars. However, this is not true. Today’ the world is experiencing the golden age of second-hand cars, where many cars are getting off leases and making their entry to the dealers. Furthermore, there’s a segment of car owners who keep replacing their cars with new ones once in every few years. This implies that there are plenty of choices to choose from.

Now that you know the common myths and the truths, believe only in the facts and research to find your best option. If at all you come across any more such pointers, make sure to research and find out the facts before believing in myths about buying used cars.