When you think of the fastest way to increase your customer base, PPC marketing might come to your mind. But the rules of PPC advertising game are always evolving and undergoing drastic changes to meet the turbulent demands of the modern world. Running a PPC campaign is not as easy as it sounds. Several companies end up wasting their valuable dollars and time in a way that doesn’t bring fruitful results for their company and they end up thinking that PPC isn’t quite their game. Yet in most of the cases, people generally make few simple yet critical errors that lead their workable campaign to demise.

Although there exists no magic formula that can be applied to ensure the success of the marketing efforts, taking care of some important factors can help put the campaign in the direction of success. When you step into the PPC marketing, you begin by setting a budget, keywords to bid on and a segmented audience. While every PPC ad campaign is unique, there are some mistakes that are universal and avoiding those can help you excel not only in the short-run but the long-run as well.

4 PPC Marketing Mistakes That Affect Your Advertising Campaigns

Let’s have a look at the major PPC campaign mistakes to avoid:


  • Wrong Targeting


Failure to target ad properly means your ad will appear to people who the product is not intended to be sold to which won’t prove to be fruitful for your marketing strategy’s workability. This marks as a huge problem because your ad campaigns will be shown to people who wouldn’t care rather than the targeted audience. This can be easily done right by identifying who your customer actually is.

  1. Not using negative keywords

Choosing the right keywords is very important to run a successful PPC campaign. Simply adding keywords that your target audience is most likely to search for helps you create ads that get customers to click and eventually buy. The key is to include keywords that exist but that the customer doesn’t search for.

  1. Not accounting for user intent differences

Each paid ad campaign must be designed in a unique and different way in search, social and display campaigns, even if you are offering the same product. This is because the search, social and display audiences don’t behave and operate in the same way and identical ads won’t work on all audiences.

  1. Not managing exclusion lists

Since you have to pay every time a customer clicks on your ad, it is important that every user who clicks is someone you want to be clicking. The key idea is to manage the exclusion lists in your PPC platform to help you tap the audience base which is relevant to your business.

Running paid campaigns can be daunting, especially if you do not get the results you are expecting. Give your campaigns the chance to prosper by avoiding the above-stated mistakes and reach out to your audience strongly.