5 Advantages of Content Marketing

It has been said that “content is king” for an effective website. There’s some truth to that, as Google has built their ranking algorithm to give priority to websites that have a high amount of useful content. In doing this, they are both following their model of how they believe consumers shop online and encouraging people to shop that way. With 75 percent of the search engine market, Google is able to have a major impact on searching and buying patterns.

But why is this so? Besides impressing Google’s algorithm, what content marketing benefits are there for your company?

Greater Search Engine Visibility

If Google’s algorithm is looking for websites with a lot of content, then it only makes sense to give them what they’re looking for. This can do two things for you: first, it gives you more pages for Google and other search engines to list, increasing the number of potential “hits” when people are searching. Secondly, it increases the chance of getting a higher ranking on the search engine listing. Some careful attention to long-tail keywords can help make your web site stand out as one of the tops in your area.

Gives Your Site Greater Authority

There are many websites for potential customers to look at, so what makes one stand out over another? Content. The more content you have on your website, the more authority it is perceived to have. In turn, this motivates people to pay more attention to the message you are presenting. Another of the content marketing benefits of a content-heavy website is that it invites inbound links, which also helps your website’s SEO ranking.

Longer Site Visits

People like websites that can answer their questions and provide them with useful advice. When they find truly authoritative sites, they are more likely to spend more time, reading much more than what they were originally looking for. Not only that, but they’ll bookmark the site and come back the next time they’re looking for something similar.

More Social Media Traffic

Not only do those readers spend more time on your website, but they also pass whatever they’ve read on to their friends; usually through social media. That greatly increases your exposure, especially to new potential customers who haven’t seen your site yet. The best advertising is still word of mouth and social media is the new way that word of mouth advertising is happening.

Increased Conversion Rate

Google’s model for the average customer is that they start out looking for information, not looking for a product. When they find the information about how to solve their problem or meet their need, they’ll buy the product; in most cases, buying it from the same website that answered their questions. This is perhaps one of the best content marketing benefits; as the customer perceives your content as a value-added service, then responds to having received that value.

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