5 Best Application Management Tools That Can Help Your Business

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Before running through the list of 5 wonderful application management products by Fresche, it’s better that you learn why is app management given so much importance in the IT sector. If interested, the list of reasons is given below.

  • App management makes work easy for employees; thereby, increasing productivity
  • App management keeps the system and the website bug-free; thereby, attracting more users
  • App management makes learning simpler for new employees
  • App management reduces maintenance cost; thereby, saving a lot of money

5 App Management Products That You Must Buy For Business Growth

Now that you know how important app management is and in how many ways it can impact a business, it’s time that you learn about some app management products, given below, that can enhance performance.

  1. Reporting And Document Distribution

If you want your business to flourish, it is necessary that all concerned departments, working on one project, are involved with each other directly and not be like small individual islands. Therefore, you must take the aid of the reporting and document distribution product since it allows real-time engagement and document sharing between all the departments of concern.

  1. SoftBase

SoftBase is one innovative product that combines and streamlines different IBM I DB2 apps that have been in use for a long time with the modern ones. As a result, the quality of codes improve. Besides, it also increases the speed and efficiency of the network and product testing.

  1. NetLert

The NetLert product is specifically built for call centers. It helps the management in analyzing the performance of their operators. The analysis report can be used to evaluate the current performance of the company. The data can thus be used to come up with innovative ideas on educating the operators for increasing their performance.

  1. X-Analysis Suite

There’s nothing better than the X-Analysis suite if you’re looking forward to maintaining and upgrading your current IBM I apps like COBOL and RPG for the generation of better codes. It can also be used in order to audit the quality of the code

  1. Newlook Suite

Newlook suite works a boon for developers. It is because the NewLook suite contains many different products, and developers can mix different apps from all those products to make new apps.

On a closing note, all the above-listed 5 products are innovative tools that increase the performance and productivity of the existing IBM I apps. Thus, they actually reduce maintenance cost that increases the monetary benefits in return.