5 Important Things You Need to Know About NVR Cameras

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is an advanced technology camera that uses a software program to record the surveillance video in a digital format. It can be recorded to any mass storage device like a USB flash drive, disk drive, memory card etc. It uses an Internet Protocol (IP) to send and receive the data through a computer network as against the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Most of the people like to use advanced systems like Hikvision NVR backdoor cameras as they are much better than DVR.

You should know about few things that make these NVR cameras a better choice.

  1.    When compared to any analog camera, it has a much wider field of view. This simply means that you can cover more area by single camera, thus reducing the number of cameras required. Basically, one NVR is equivalent to 3-4 old school cams.

  1.    The video analytics available in these cameras allow your network to flag the events. Thus, it eliminates the need for poring over hours and hours of footage. Instead, you can move the footage right at the time when the incident occurred saving both your time and energy.

  1.    Most of the analog cameras have a resolution of 720×480 pixels. This means that you do not get a clear footage. The NVR, on the other hand, gives a minimum of 1280×720 pixels, which can go up to 3264×2448 pixels in an 8 megapixels camera. So, if you need to focus on a specific person or an object, it is much clearer.

  1.    NVR cameras are PoE, which stands for Power over Ethernet. This technology makes it possible to transmit both the data and power supply simultaneously to the devices. As the same cable is used for transmitting the data and power supply, it reduces the installation and maintenance cost.

  1.    These are better in terms of flexibility and scalability. All those cameras that are in close proximity can be connected to a single switch, which makes it less labour-intensive to install and operate.

Though most of the people are not aware of these technicalities, they are still opting for NVR home security systems. This is because for a layman these wireless systems are easy to set up and can be accessed easily through a web browser.