5 Most Essential Excel Skills You Need to Know Even As a Beginner

Are you trying to figure out how to use excel to your benefit? Read this article to learn the most essential excel skills.

There are about 800 million Excel users, and millions more have it installed on their computer. Chances are you have it on your computer. It’s a useful tool for managing large amounts of data and lists. 

Whether you’ve never opened Excel or have several working spreadsheets, you likely don’t know 100% of the tips and tricks that make spreadsheets easier.  

These five essential Excel skills will make using Excel faster and more productive. 

  1. Sorting Your Data 

Having the ability to sort your data will let you search and analyze it more effectively. There are two ways you can sort your data. The first is a basic function of highlighting the cells you want to be sorted and then choosing how you want them sorted. 

There’s a faster way, though. Create a title row above your columns of data. Now select the “Filter” function that adds a tiny arrow to the title row cell of each column. Now you can quickly sort and filter the entire sheet with a few clicks. 

  1. Remove the Duplicates 

Nothing will distort your data faster than duplicates. It’s inevitable and easily fixable. Instead of spending hours staring at your sheet, let Excel do it for you. Highlight the cells that you want Excel to look at. 

Then select enough qualifiers to remove the duplicates. Excel will compare your data set to your chosen qualifiers and remove the duplicates. 

  1. Freeze Panes 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could scroll through your data and have the title headers remain visible? They will stay with the “Freeze Pane” option. All you need to do is create a header/title row. 

Then click on the “View” tab and select “Freeze Panes” from the drop-down list. You have a few options to choose from, such as freezing the top row or several rows. 

  1. Make Changes Across Worksheets

Don’t waste your time making the same changes over and over across several worksheets in your workbook. Start by selecting the worksheets you’d like to make changes to.

Make your desired changed to one cell. Then check to confirm that the change was made across all cells. 

  1. Math Functions 

Have Excel do the hard math for you. It can do everything from basic arithmetic to advanced complex formulas. If you’d like to use a preprogrammed formula, then click on the “fx” button next to the input bar. 

Another option is to create a custom formula. Start by typing a “=” in the input bar and then create your formula by using mathematical symbols and cell codes. If your formula works, you’ll have a number result in the chosen cell. 

Formulas that don’t work will trigger a yellow caution sign. If you’re interested in more advanced function and file creation, c# write excel file can be the solution you’re looking for. 

Master These Essential Excel Skills

Whether you’re new to Excel or have been using it for years, these five essential Excel skills will make your life easier. They’ll eliminate wasted time performing repetitive tasks. Take a look at your Excel sheets and keep these tips in mind as you work with your data. 

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