5 Ways Mobile Phones Are Making Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

There’s no doubt that the majority of folks around the globe see smartphones as the most important mobile device there is. A smartphone outperforms a laptop or tablet PC when it comes to cost. Plus, all the new technological developments for it make the smartphone the most versatile gadget accessible to many.

As a smartphone’s capabilities continue to increase, it is no surprise that so many consider it their lifeline. For the activities and tasks that users need to accomplish every day, there are already built-in programs and downloadable mobile phone apps for them. Those built-in programs and apps are the very reason why smartphones are considered the ultimate movers and shakers in this “age of assistance.”

So, how exactly do mobile phones assist people in going about day-to-day tasks and make life better? Listed below are the top five ways a mobile phone gets things done easily and quickly.

1. It’s a reliable navigator.

 A navigator used to be an expensive gadget that people installed in their vehicles to help them explore new places or find alternative routes to certain destinations. If you have a smartphone, you have no need for such gadgets because you can get Waze or other navigator apps that perform the same job.

The additional advantage of using a smartphone as a navigator is you can combine different navigating apps on the same device. If one’s not working properly, you can quickly close it up and shift to the other.

2. It gets shopping done fast.

Whether you need a food delivery service to make sure you and your family have a hot meal when you get home or you need to do your grocery shopping, a smartphone can help you take care of the task.

For example, in Taiwan, there’s this downloadable app used by various convenience stores. The convenience stores set up a digital display of their products at bus and train stations. The images of the products come with a barcode that a scanner app can read.

All you have to do is scan the barcode of the products you want with your phone to purchase them. Afterward, you just provide additional details such as the time you want your groceries to be delivered and your credit card info.

Grocery shopping apps are also seeing a fast-increasing demand in the UAE. Busy individuals, parents and the elderly don’t have to go to the grocer, which is quite convenient. They can get their shopping done simply by using their mobile phones.

3. “Siri” finds the information you need.

iPhone users get a lot of help from Siri. Practically any information you need, Siri easily finds. Looking for an authentic Emirati restaurant to take your boss out to for lunch? Siri can tell you where the nearest one is based on your current location.

Need to know the meaning of a certain word? Ask Siri because she’s your personal thesaurus.

Are you looking for a dentist in your new neighborhood? All you have to do is ask Siri.

Android users also have their own voice-activated digital assistant.

4. It helps you manage your time better.

 Every smartphone has its own organizer, notepad and clock to help you stay on top of your responsibilities. This device can function as your personal secretary if you know how to use the features properly.

If you need more sophisticated programs, you can download everything from Evernote to Taasky, Google Apps and others.

Google Apps make everything from your important documents to your schedule accessible anywhere. They’re all cloud-based so you can upload any file or information that you want, and share them with people.

With these apps, you can have other people help you edit your work. Or, you and your friends can easily choose a date to meet up because you all can see your schedule on Google calendar. Important tasks and dates are easier to keep track of with the help of your phone.

5. It makes communication a breeze.

Smartphones, especially those that came in a mobile phone plan with daily internet, offer different modes of communication. You have text messaging, calls, video calls, chats and tweets. Plus, you can use all of these communication modes for free if you use messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Slack and Skype.

There are still so many other ways smartphones drive the age of assistance. With all the apps created for it, there’s not much that this mobile device cannot do. It’s just all up to you on how you to use it to assist your everyday life.