A new feature you can enjoy in SyncMate 7.1 to Transfer Mac data to Huawei

In this technologically advanced world, the Cloud platforms have become very popular with us. With an increasing popularity of this Cloud technology, we have also started relying on data syncing process. Using iTunes and other systems, all the mobiles can be synced very easily. SyncMate is the latest app, intended to make this syncing process much easier.

What you get SyncMate’s new version

SyncMate, an app to transfer Mac data to Huawei and all Android devices, is released with several new features

In SyncMate version 3.6, you can get several features, including-

  • Synchronization of Android mobiles- While you have a Mac computer and Android mobiles, you can sync them easily.
  • Sync all the new iOS mobiles through USB – Download SyncMate on your devices for syncing the data, and you can get it with your Expert edition.
  • Sync Nano and Classic version of iPod.
  • Plugin development – SyncMate 3.6 has been introduced with several improvements that we have not got in the old versions.

It is important to move files and data, including a calendar of various types of devices. However, we think that mounted storage is one of the best targets, while you like to sync data.

Other features that you can get with this sync app

  • Google account syncing
  • Logging details syncing
  • Read messages syncing
  • Videos conversion to MPG, AVI and MP4
  • Images resizing at the time of syncing.
  • Syncing in automated
  • View call details on your Mac PC

SyncMate is released with two different version- Free app and the paid or Expert version.  This Free one also offers you several options for synchronization. For instance, you can get the plugin, like SMS Reader. This helps you in pulling the SMS to Mac. The mobile needs to be connected while doing it.

Can you transfer the data fast?

When you have started synchronization process, you have to know how much data is to be transferred between two devices. However, it also causes a variation in the performance. With SyncMate, you may not find any slow performance while syncing vast data. For regular usage, you can rely on SyncMate.

Thus, to move Mac data to Huawei and other similar devices, you can download SyncMate. Mac OS X is essential for running the app, and there should be Intel processor in your computer.