About SyncMate in synchronizing Android with Mac

Apple is definitely known for their computers and people also love using Android devices for its easy user interface. As we work on both the devices, we do need some way to connect the two so that our tasks and data can be shared. Mac hasn’t produced software for this, but Google has an Android File Transfer app which was last updated in 2012 which makes it useless in 2017. So, third party companies have come up with Softwares which can really make the process easy. Softwares made for file transfer can often be complex and costly and may not be meant for everyone.

The main aim of a good synchronizer will be to be easy to use and also provide almost all the qualities needed to the user. Often we see synchronizers that can share only media files or only contacts. But that isn’t viable; we do need software that can help in everything that needs to be synced.

Why is SyncMate a good synchronizer?

  • SyncMate software allows you to sync all things like calendar items, folders, contacts and even lets you text from your Mac device when synced to an Android phone. You can easily share your media files like music, photos, and videos when the devices are synced.
  • Mac users are quite used to using iTunes, and they miss it in an Android device. But SyncMate allows them to access iTunes straight from their Android devices.
  • File transfer and sync are made easy as multiple devices can be synced to your Mac device and you can schedule it to be automatic. If you are in a habit to do while doing your work you can easily keep the software running in the background. SyncMate can easily be designated as the best app to synchronize Android with Mac.
  • Managing photos and videos become quite easy as in the process of syncing you can choose their resolutions and formats according to your likeness.
  • You can easily sync an intact folder with its content which makes you skip the complexity of syncing every object separately.

Among the software users, SyncMate is known as SyncMate, the best app to synchronize Android with Mac and it is quite true. You can even check out the free version to see if you are liking SyncMate or not. You can download it for free anytime to test it. To know more about such softwares visit the site.