Aluminium Extrusions in Racking Applications

Aluminium extrusions are ideal for racks and shelving units in a variety of applications for industries, retail outlets and around the home. Aluminium shelving is versatile, functional, lightweight and when manufactured using the extrusion technique it actually gains in strength.

How the Extrusion Process increases strength

Aluminium naturally has an incredible tensile strength but it becomes even more functional and able to withstand extra weight through being extruded. As the aluminium is heated to an extreme temperature of at least 400 degrees Celsius and is forced through a pre-fabricated mould before being cooled and heated again in a curing oven, it undergoes a chemical transformation that enhances its natural strength. Extruded aluminium profiles can be made into complex cross-sectional shapes which help to distribute the physical forces of weights being placed upon them. It’s an ideal procedure for manufacturing shelving that is used in warehouses for storing multiple products that can have an incredibly high combined weight. Aluminium won’t add unnecessary weight but will withstand high volumes safely and reliably.

Versatile Components for creating Racks

Aluminium extrusions can be manufactured into lengths measuring several metres making them perfect for creating long shelving units. With the manufacture of clips in the most complicated cross-sectional shapes, shelving can simply be slotted together to create units quickly and easily. The extrusion process can also incorporate holes and cut outs, threaded or unthreaded, that are designed for screws to fix the shelving together. Functional racks for storing supplies and components in factories and workshops or more decorative versions destined for display stands in shops can be manufactured in a short time frame. The extrusion process is not only quick but it is a cost-effective method of manufacturing.

Customisable Racking options

Aluminium extrusions can be manufactured to suit any shelving project whether it involves hundreds of components or a single batch. Aluminium extrusions are convenient in the manufacture of individual customisable racks that are designed to hold specific items such as bikes or kayaks when transporting them on vehicles. Racks can be made that offer flexibility as they’re reorganised into different arrangements when in situ. Aluminium extrusions used for racking offer reliability and strength. They are efficient to manufacture, easy to pack and transport and simple to fit together. Edmohave valuable experience in the production of versatile racking units made from customisable and cost-effective aluminium extrusions.