An insight into how SEO works

You have probably met this acronym a couple of times when busy loading feeds on social media accounts. Do you know what it means?  Well, Search Engine Optimization performed by Cardinal Digital Marketing refers to the skill used in improving a website ranking in search results emitted by a search engine depending on what the user keys in. Basically, this is what I mean; there are quite a number of search engines available for the online community the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Every day millions of people use the search engines to access information of their choice. By using particular words to develop content for your business you will have increased the chances of your site showing up higher in the ranking of search results displayed.  In this piece of writing, I will take you through some steps that SEO companies such as Atlanta SEO use in making the whole concept come to reality.

Who is your target market?

In the build-up to any business its common knowledge that you have to know who your target customers or consumer of your product or service are. The idea is to generate more traffic to your website and attract visitors. Understanding how your customers think is crucial. It will aid you in developing relevant content that your target market would take a keen interest in. Creativity is a good quality when considering content creation.  Through creativity, you will be able to hook a reader to your content.


Keywords refer to the words your potential customer frequently performs a search on from the numerous search engines that exist. Imagine you as your ideal customer and try to figure out what can be searched on the internet that relates to your establishment. Atlanta SEO as a digital marketing company can aid one in generating keywords.  Cardinal Digital Marketing focus is not only on keywords but also phrases, misspelling. The final list should then be stored in an excel document for future references. You should also be on the lookout for upcoming trends in order to update the keywords list.

Content creation

This is the most crucial step in Atlanta SEO services. How you package your content will either attract or chase away a potentials customer. Here is where the keywords come in handy. They should not just be thrown into the piece of writing.  A good practice is using at most 3 keywords per piece of writing and the content created should have a natural flow of ideas. Phrases are also used and the same guideline is still followed. The most important thing is that one should be consistent in posting content that strictly relating to their target audience. The last step done by Cardinal Digital Marketing is posting the piece to your website.

Tracking and maintenance

After your content has been successfully uploaded onto your website, the next crucial step done by SEO Atlanta is analyzing data from various search engines to ascertain the effects implemented if has evoked changes in search rankings. Another aspect is constantly updating keywords.