Are you getting Internet TV for your city?

Airtel offers Internet TV for all major cities and towns in India. Have you got your connection yet?

TV technology has developed in leaps and bounds from the last century to this one. In its earliest stages, when JL Baird invented the first TV set, the signals would be broadcast from a station or captured via cable lines. You needed to have a bulky antenna on the rooftop to be able to catch these signals for relay into the TV set. Later, technology progressed to cable TV being used exclusively to deliver signals to your TV set (via direct wiring from a central node) or via a set top box.

The cable connection over set top box is still being used, however, DTH TV has also made inroads across most parts of the country. And just when it seemed that there would be no further development in TV tech, when Internet TV came along. Not many providers are offering it in India, apart from leading ones like Airtel.

What is Internet TV?

Simply put, Internet TV is visual and audio content that you can watch on your TV set or laptop/desktop computer screen when it is delivered over an Internet connection. Internet TV is also known as IPTV (Internet Protocol TV). You can stream content and watch it on your TV screen via a set top box. Airtel DTH offers all customers the IPTV facility. You can watch TV not just on your TV screen and laptop, but also your mobile phone or net-enabled iPod.

The only difference between IPTV and cable TV or DTH TV is that the content is sent as Internet data. The picture and sound quality is largely dependent on the provider’s services and signal strength. Airtel DTH facilitates Internet TV for your city quite easily.

The primary advantage of Internet TV is that it gives you the opportunity to watch new web shows that are not beamed by TV networks. The Internet also offers many niche programmes that are not available with regular channel packs.

But apart from IPTV, DTH is going great guns…

DTH is the number one choice for most people who wish to get high quality picture and sound, and the freedom to choose the TV channels of their choice. If you are looking for a new DTH connection, you should consider the range of packs from Airtel.

First off, you can get a new Airtel D2H connection only at Rs 292 per month. Next, you get the freedom to choose your base pack. Check the illustration below to see how this works:

  • As you can see, there are different base packs priced at Rs 219, Rs 315, Rs 325 and Rs 477 rental per month. Basis the pack you choose, you get up to 258 channels (Rs 219 plan), 289 channels (Rs 315 and Rs 325 pack) and 335 channels (Rs 477 pack).
  • You get a wide array of programming niches, from Hindi GECs to sports, and from news to devotional and kids channels.
  • You can also add more channels from the ‘Others’ tab, however, the base pack may be priced differently in some cases on adding more channels.
  • Once you select which pack you want, you can proceed to buy it from the Airtel website or app in just a few simple steps.
  • Once purchased, Airtel DTH is installed in just a couple of days at your residence.