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Celebrities need a proper makeover every time they make an entry to any show or function. Their appearance should be new and a little change from the last one that is the only way they can stay in media. Their looks and apparels along with their hairdo can make a next day’s news headline. Talking about celebrities Ariana Grande has been one of the loved celebrity in Hollywood. She has been following many trends and fashion from the day she entered the fashion industry. You can now also get your favorite celeb look by searching for a haircut app that will help you locate the best hairstylist around you.

People are so obsessed with Ariana that they just not only like her looks and hair but they also copy it to look more into fashion. She was also known as the biggest fashion sensation in the New York Times.


It was the time when she entered the music industry and she was spotted in NYC with black curly short hair length up to the shoulder. She was 13 years old that time and her soft facial features, which always make her look so cute were so on point. Well, those hair are still in fashion but that was the only time when Ariana was spotted in black hair color which seems like that was her natural hair.


After a year she was spotted in another event where she went crazy with her hair. She was found with flaming red hot hair which was fascinating and cool. People loved her hair color and she managed to look so great in that. With keeping her hair length short she looked really adorable. Her red hair was all over the news and she kept that color for a little longer.


Three years after she was found with dark auburn hair, you might also consider dark maroon or burgundy shade. She had a low ponytail which made it so in fashion. She had a beautiful low ponytail with a gown on paramount’s event. It wasn’t totally summer but her hairdo was so on point. Side parted perfect ponytail with a shine on them.


Chocolate brown wavy hair became a trend after Ariana showed up in an event with such grace. She turned her hair all brown which wasn’t very common of her. Those wavy curls were not an extension, they were actually her own hair which she styled very adroitly. You can also get the look by visiting hairdresser app and style just like your favorite celeb.


A question might have been crossing your mind that why celebrities have such perfect hair always? Well, the answer is pretty definable that they have personal hairstylist working for them. Ariana’s ombre hair was so cool with light blonde lower patches and so her dark brown braided ponytail which she wore with the cat ears. With all that, her messy effortless buns were so alluring every time she enters any event.  


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