Assured Loan without any guarantor

The decision of taking a loan is not easy to take as you know that you are accumulating one more liability to your account. No one wants to have liabilities but sometimes the situation demands the immediate financial relief to belly out from a given situation. You want loan but still do not want others to take the responsibilities of your loan. So in this situation, you can go for guaranteed loan no guarantor.

How to apply for the loan?

Anyone who is a citizen of UK and has the age above 18 years can apply for the loan; provided you have the assured monthly income. The application process is simple. You can apply online for the loan. Since the loan application is online hence there is no time limit. You can apply anytime you feel like applying for the loan.

Benefits of unsecured loan

  • As the loan is unsecured so you have not pledged anything to the lender against the loan you have taken. So, your liability is limited to paying the loan amount and the interest attached to it in due time. Your property and other assets are secured and safe.
  • As these loans are short-term loans hence you can improve your credit rating by paying the loan in time.
  • By doing so you can be eligible for the loan with a lesser rate of interest in future if the similar situation arises.
  • You can use the money received from the bank in any way you want to use the money which is not the case in a loan which is given for the specific purposes.
  • Fast approval of the loan and disbursal of the loan amount directly in your account makes it easy for you to handle the situation in a better and effective way.

Things to consider before signing the loan agreement    

  • You must check out whether you are borrowing from a direct lender or through an agent. As when you apply through an agent then his payout is also attached to your repayment schedule, making the repayment schedule a bit tougher for you. Further when you apply directly through the lender then all the terms and conditions are explained to you which is not the case with the agent as he himself is not sure which lender will approve the case.
  • Checkout for the rate of interest which is going to be charged from you, and also look out for hidden charges if any.