Automating Your Patch Management Process

 Having an efficient patch management policy in place is a crucial part of securing your computer network and making sure that it functions correctly. However, it can be a long and complex task and it only gets more complex as the size of the network increases. That’s why current best practice suggests automating the process to make it more efficient.

What is Patch Management?

Patch management is the term given to the process of downloading and deploying update patches released by software developers to fix security vulnerabilities and functionality issues. The goal of patch management is to ensure the network runs smoothly, securely and is stable.Image result for Automating Your Patch Management Process

Why Should Patch Management be Automated?

Patch management is crucial, but a growing number of businesses are not on top of it. This is due to the amount of time, money and man power that it takes to carry out the task. The majority of small to medium businesses do not have an IT department let alone a member of staff that they can dedicate to patch management. That means that it is only carried out sporadically when someone has a few hours to spare – if it is carried out at all. That leaves the network vulnerable to a variety of security threats. However, you can secure your network with this great tool called BatchPatch which will automate the entire process for you allowing all of the patches to be deployed remotely from a single computer on the network.

Automating patch management is going to save you time, money and resources. You will no longer need to push this critical process down your to do list because it can be handled in no time at all. A single person can deploy updates across an entire network all from one computer. It is even possible to schedule the updates to happen outside of normal business hours so that they do not disrupt the day to day operations of your business. With patch management taken care, your employee is available to handle other tasks making your workforce that little bit more efficient.

The Threat Posed by Unpatched Systems

Let’s talk some more about the consequences of failing to patch your network in timely manner. Cybercriminals and malicious hackers are constantly looking for new ways to infiltrate computer networks either to cause damage or to steal sensitive information. Often, the loopholes in security that allow them access are ones which have a patch available – it just hasn’t been applied. This means that the attack would have been preventable.

How do you explain that to your customers when you have to inform them that their personal details and possibly financial records have been compromised during a security attack? It’s a sure-fire way to lose customers and tarnish your company’s reputation. However, it goes beyond that! In many industries, there are regulations that you must be compliant with – many of which involve having up to date patch management. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines and other penalties for your business.