Best free software for writing

If you are a freelance writer – this article is just what the doctor ordered. Nevertheless, full-time employed writers as well as individuals writing books could find the apps we show here – useful. From those developed years ago, to others which are just built – this is the best software for writers.

Grammar and vocabulary improvement apps

There are ways to eradicate mistakes and expand your vocabulary artificially. Some applications and software that fix your grammatical errors and improve writing style are available for free or for a certain fee. Use them with caution because they are not perfect but can spot a missed comma and help out even seasoned veterans. Make them your most valuable sidekick, but do not let them steal the show.

Software to track plagiarism

A plagiarism tracker is going to help you put out only original content. If you track plagiarism in your documents, you eliminate the risks of copyright infringement, receiving bad grades (if you are a student) or bad SEO results. Interested and want to know more? Follow the link below.

Word processor

Many of you might utter something like ‘Thank you Sherlock’. Well of course, every writer needs software where to write. There are many great choices in this category. Whether it is the default option that comes with the OS on your computer or something else – do not overlook a good word processor.

Cloud storage

Storing everything in your hard drive or SSD is not wise. You need to have a backup. For a small regular fee or absolutely free you can sign up to use cloud storage. Great, quick, secure and reassuring.