Best video downloader and player for Mac

It is very difficult to select a good video downloader, especially for Mac. Here, we will be discussing a few of the video downloader options for Mac. Below is the list of it. All of them are explained in details so that the user gets the proper idea of them.


Out of all the video downloaders that are available for Mac, VideoDuke stands on the first position. There would not be any of the Mac users, who have not used VideoDuke. This video downloader is your one-stop destination all the video related issues that you face on your Mac OS. It is because of the amazing features that VideoDuke has, it has become one of the highly ranked Video downloader for Mac.

If we talk about the characteristic features of this software, then there I a huge list of it. The first and the most important feature that it has is the accessibility to a lot of video streaming platforms. You could actually download videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion and other such platforms, along with the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Apart from the downloading feature, it gives you the liberty of bookmarking your favorite video from your favorite website. You just have to select the video that you like and then you need to bookmark it using VideoDuke. With this, you won’t lose any video of your choice. This particular downloader works great as a video player for Mac OS Mojave as well.

Total video downloader

The reason for placing this video downloader at the second place this whole list is that, it is the best alternative for VideoDuke. Although it does not have the characteristics as great as the previous one, the properties it has is that of an ideal video downloader for Mac. it is known for its fast downloading process. Along with the quick downloading procedure of this video downloader, it is known for its amazing user interface. The developers have made the interface so nicely that it is really easy to use. To download any video of your choice, you just have to copy the link of it and then you need to paste that link in the total video downloader processor. You will find that your video is saved to the default storage of your device. While downloading the video, do not forget to select the desired resolution.

4k video downloader

As the title of this downloader suggests, this is mainly used for downloading videos that are of 4k resolution. So, if you wish to download the 4k resolution video from your Mac, you should use this downloader only. This downloader supports a lot of websites and video streaming platforms. There are certainly few of the drawbacks, which are the reason we have placed it as the last option.

So, these are the best video downloader for Mac. A detailed explanation is given so that one could select one according to their desire and requirements.