Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.2000

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The speakers are primarily used to hear the voice with amplification. However, over a period with the change in technology, there has been a lot of change seen in this segment of entertainment also like the creative minds in the market has done a lot of research to improve the quality of speakers. The current trend is of Bluetooth speaker where the device is not attached with the chord, but still, the best of the music quality can be availed flawlessly from such speaker. There are an ample number of makers in the market who offer such Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are very good if you are looking for a wireless sound system. The sound qualities are amazing. You will no longer require any earphone to enjoy the audio from your smartphone. The users don’t have to place the phone near the speaker because the Bluetooth helps in the connectivity process.

Music lovers are experiencing new things through many unique electronic devices which help them to enjoy some great quality of sound. This speaker helps in providing many essential features to their customers such as long battery life, well-built in quality, great performance, and durability. Below are some of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers which will not hurt your pocket anymore because these are easily affordable.

The best Bluetooth speakers in 2000

  • JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth speakers

This device tops the list of these criteria as it provides the best features among these categories. JBL is a certified name for manufacturing the music speakers all around the world. It offers a great sound to the users. The wireless speaker is equipped with a rechargeable battery which can give a play time for five continuous hours.

You can enjoy its hands-free killer feature while attending any incoming call on the smartphone. The speaker is easily compatible with the tablets and smartphone. Its built-in quality helps you to carry everywhere. You can carry this speaker in your pocket easily.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Small and portable
  • Mic for taking calls
  • A good brand
  • Built-in quality is great with amazing design

  • Logitech X100

Logitech is providing many high-class Bluetooth speakers in the Indian markets. It is very compact which consists of a built-in lithium battery. The rechargeable battery helps the speaker to play for about 5 hours continuously. It comes in many exciting colours and accordingly you can buy.

The Bluetooth speaker comes with a loop where the users can easily hang this device anywhere. The four clickable buttons are very attractive and help you to control those buttons for power easily ON/OFF, Bluetooth connectivity and volume up/ down. The users can easily surf the website for more features.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Sound clarity is great
  • Bluetooth range is good (up to 10m)
  • Small in size
  • Built-in quality is good
  • Battery life is 5 hours

  • Boat stone 200

This Bluetooth speaker offers a great built-in quality with good battery backup. This wireless speaker is easily affordable at a reasonable price. The whole design of this speaker looks like a rugged on which gives a sporty look to the device. Under this price, this provides the best battery backup compared to any other Bluetooth speaker.

This speaker is designed for the outdoors so that you can enjoy its beats anywhere by just connecting it to the device. The speaker can be easily mounted on the cycle and motorbikes. The speaker boasts of the waterproof facilities. The sound of this device is really loud and clear. Their rugged designs help this device to give the customers with scratch less experience.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Very great for outdoors
  • Bass is good
  • Waterproof and shockproof certified by IPX5
  • Battery backup is very good
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life

  • Portronics Sound Drum

It is a cylindrical shaped wireless Bluetooth speaker. This two side speaker is easily compatible and can be used for an outdoor purpose. The construction quality is very appealing. The grilled like frames gives a premium look to this wireless device. The speaker boasts about its water and splash resistant feature.

The noise which is produced by this device is very loud and clear. You can enjoy your favourite songs on this device. If the device is being played at a maximum volume, the sound doesn’t distort. The bass is very good which gives the best surround of sounds. With a range of 10 m, you can connect this device to your smartphone with much ease.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Water and splash resistant
  • Speakers are very powerful
  • Build in quality is very good
  • Battery life is 6-7 hours
  • Sound doesn’t distort if played at maximum volume

  • Blaupunkt BT-51

This is the best entry-level Bluetooth speaker which is launched in the Indian market at an affordable price. The built-in quality is very amazing which makes it a good competitor to many other Bluetooth devices. The textured look of the speakers gives a premium look.

There is a USB port for easy charging of the device, and a Card slot is also present behind the speaker. The two rubber pads help the users to correctly hold the device so that it doesn’t fall easily from the hands. The bass is very high, and the beats are rich in quality with proper highs and lows. The sound doesn’t get distorted even it is played at high volumes.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Sound quality is very good
  • SD card is compatible with the device
  • Solid built-in quality
  • Battery life is up to 10 long hours

The above wireless Bluetooth speakers’ brands are worth the price. The speakers are equipped with many new features so that the users can access all these new features with much ease. This small speaker produces very large sounds to the surroundings. You can easily go through the website where you can get enormous numbers of products and many electronic devices for your daily needs.