Blast from the Past: Web Design Trends Then and Now

Web Design has upgraded, secured, and advanced in terms of internal coding and visual view. A web design today looks much different than in the 2000’s. Web design companies known for keeping up with the latest trends online. Ntw Designs is a full service creative and transformative digital web design company that will give us a look into what has really changed online.

  1. Auto Playing Media Debate. Auto playing media was the ‘ui/ux’ animation of the 2000’s. However in 09’ it caused a series of problems for search engine rankings. Due to this, auto playing media was urged to be removed as it made a website heavy and increased bounced rates. Fast forward 2017, auto playing video backgrounds and small motion audio effects have become popular again. What is the difference between then and now? Now, we use compression methods to reduce the total size of the media file and keep up with a fast performance.
  2. HTML to PHP. HTML use to be and still is the standard language of web design. PHP has become really popular and there aren’t many HTML web designs out there today. PHP has dominated web design due to its dynamic and multi use array. PHP is known to connect with many different databases.
  3. Google Webmaster Tools Tips. Google webmaster tools is much more advanced and brings instant tips to see elements that effect a website from being mobile friendly and personalized tips for search engine rankings.
  4. UI/UX Animations. UI and UX digital animations are the latest advancements in web design. They bring creativity, uniqueness, and boost visitor interaction on page.
  5. Web Design Layout. Website layouts have certainly changed. The one page web design and split screen design are two most popular layouts that have changed web design.

Web design has extremely changed between then and now. Web performance and speed has gotten much faster over the years and web design is much more engaging!