Cases to Use When Making A Gaming PC for LAN Party Week-ends

If you know a gamer that is wanting to build a small, form factor gaming PC for those LAN parties they go to – or for any other reason. You need to tell them that they should go here

Mini-ITX cases

If you or your friends are big gamers then you need to have a gaming rig for LAN parties and the best ones on the market are Mini-ITX cases. It doesn’t matter what the main consideration is – to impress someone or the size, you will find what you need when reading about the assortment of Mini-ITX cases. You do want to know that it will support all the components that are installed to run your games.

Research reviews

There aregood reviews on the best Mini-ITX cases that you can find on the market. Over the last several years, the small form is considered the best. These cases have gotten more and more attention due to the innovations in function and design.

Pick the right case

With the right case as well as the right layout, a gamer should be able to condense as much as possible the ‘footprint’ of their PC without sacrificing in the way it performs. Of course, it would depend on budget but you are able to find some excellent cases with many different designs and are made to impress those at these gaming matches.

What to look for

For a gamer, the best Mini-ITX case keeps your built well-ventilated – even in the tight quarters. All gamers know that nothing ruins a LAN party weekend in a hurry when a PC gets overheated. But then you need to look for cases that stop dust building up, making them much easier to keep clean and take care of.

Fun to put together

These rigs are fun to put together since you will have to be very creative in managing cable and component selection. The real challenge is keeping this case clean as well as portable and Mini-ITX cases are. Any of these would be a great choice and make your choice based upon your own innovation.

Mini-ITX cases under $200

The overall best Mini-ITX cases with high prices give you the most space for management of cable and ventilation while remaining small for movability. These are cases that:

  • Look amazing
  • Innovative design
  • Contain high quality materials
  • Mostly made of aluminum and steel

The sleek cases that fit your needs and still impress your new girl-friend in this price range go a long way to do both.

You should look for one that:

  • Ranges from 10 to 16 pounds
  • Covering between 10 and 20 inches on each side
  • Support liquid cooling systems
  • Drive bay expansions

When building your rig there is lots of research on the internet not just for this purpose but read this article on gaming monitors and prices at