5 Most Essential Excel Skills You Need to Know Even As a Beginner

Are you trying to figure out how to use excel to your benefit? Read this article to learn the most essential excel skills.

There are about 800 million Excel users, and millions more have it installed on their computer. Chances are you have it on your computer. It’s a useful tool for managing large amounts of data and lists. 

Whether you’ve never opened Excel or have several working spreadsheets, you likely don’t know 100% of the tips and tricks that make spreadsheets easier.  

These five essential Excel skills will make using Excel faster and more productive. 

  1. Sorting Your Data 

Having the ability to sort your data will let you search and analyze it more effectively. There are two ways you can sort your data. The first is a basic function of highlighting the cells you want to be sorted and then choosing how you want them sorted. 

There’s a faster way, though. Create a title row above your columns of data. Now select the “Filter” function that adds a tiny arrow to the title row cell of each column. Now you can quickly sort and filter the entire sheet with a few clicks. 

  1. Remove the Duplicates 

Nothing will distort your data faster than duplicates. It’s inevitable and easily fixable. Instead of spending hours staring at your sheet, let Excel do it for you. Highlight the cells that you want Excel to look at. 

Then select enough qualifiers to remove the duplicates. Excel will compare your data set to your chosen qualifiers and remove the duplicates. 

  1. Freeze Panes 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could scroll through your data and have the title headers remain visible? They will stay with the “Freeze Pane” option. All you need to do is create a header/title row. 

Then click on the “View” tab and select “Freeze Panes” from the drop-down list. You have a few options to choose from, such as freezing the top row or several rows. 

  1. Make Changes Across Worksheets

Don’t waste your time making the same changes over and over across several worksheets in your workbook. Start by selecting the worksheets you’d like to make changes to.

Make your desired changed to one cell. Then check to confirm that the change was made across all cells. 

  1. Math Functions 

Have Excel do the hard math for you. It can do everything from basic arithmetic to advanced complex formulas. If you’d like to use a preprogrammed formula, then click on the “fx” button next to the input bar. 

Another option is to create a custom formula. Start by typing a “=” in the input bar and then create your formula by using mathematical symbols and cell codes. If your formula works, you’ll have a number result in the chosen cell. 

Formulas that don’t work will trigger a yellow caution sign. If you’re interested in more advanced function and file creation, c# write excel file can be the solution you’re looking for. 

Master These Essential Excel Skills

Whether you’re new to Excel or have been using it for years, these five essential Excel skills will make your life easier. They’ll eliminate wasted time performing repetitive tasks. Take a look at your Excel sheets and keep these tips in mind as you work with your data. 

Be sure to follow our blog for more useful articles that will expand your skills. 

How to choose the right industrial fan

Image result for How to choose the right industrial fan

Industrial and commercial spaces require fans and not just the ordinary fans that you find in every other shop. High volume-low speed fans work perfectly in a commercial set up. Whether you need it in a warehouse or a large retail shop, the fans help in balancing airflow needs while minimizing the air conditioner power consumption. This will keep your place comfortable all year round.

To ensure you get the right fan, the following is a checklist

The size of the fan

The size of your room you need to circulate air is one of the greatest determinants of the industrial fan that you will go for. Some fans have a diameter of up to to 24 feet, a perfect size for a warehouse but inappropriate for some food storage area or even some retail space. Again, fans are chosen for optimal airflow. For efficiency, you may want to have some two smaller fans, which will cover more space than getting a large one, which will be limited. Before you buy the fan, consider getting a professional to advise on the size and the type of industrial fan to go for.


One outstanding thing with most large commercial fans is that they produce less noise. They move large volumes of air and move slowly and thus no much noise produced. Small fans, on the other hand, must run at high speed to maximize the airflow. Thus the smaller the fan, the more the noise produced and this could be discomfiting. Therefore, when looking for an industrial Grade fan, look for one that will serve its purpose while producing minimal noise.

Solar powered fan

A solar powered fan is very effective in cooling your warehouse, a large retail shop or any other large space. The best thing with these solar-powered fans is that they perform optimally when you need them to. During daytime business hours, they’ll give you the best service. Therefore using a solar-powered fan ensures that you get the best of performance while reducing the cost of energy. Remember, such fans are environment-friendly. Some solar fans have an option for batteries or directly connecting to the electrical power- therefore during the shorter winter days or when there is need to work round the clock, you are covered.

Whether you want to get a large industrial fan or you are for the option of getting a few small ones, consider the efficiency of the unit and most importantly, one whose cost of maintenance is low.


Reason For Using IP PBX System For Your Business

The IP PBX is a popular phone system. This device is used for different applications. The communication technology is vital in the business. The IP PBX system is widely used to make or receive phone calls via the internet. The yeastar s100 pbx system is designed with the advanced technology that suits your business needs. It comes with the configuration of sixty concurrent calls and a hundred users. yeastar offers high-quality products to customers. It is equipped with quality components and unique technology. Here are some reasons for choosing the IP PBX system such as

Advanced features

One of the reasons for using this phone system is an advanced feature. It is loaded with excellent features such as chat, fax, platform integration, customer relationship management and much more. This device is the software-based phone system that offers a great opportunity for other system integration.

Related image

Save money

By using the IP PBX system, you can save money and reduce the IT infrastructure. It reduces the need for the phone connection which is expensive to maintain, data network, integrates voice and others because the phone call is received and sent through the internet. So it reduces the cost for both international and local calls.

Enhanced multi-location communication

The yeastar s20 pbx system improved multi-location communication. This system is an ideal solution for the company who need to upgrade the communication. It has many functions like endpoint administration, voice message storage, international call routing, directory service, and others can be easily handled at the center location. This phone system helps to reduce the needs for extra equipment at the branch office.

Hassle-free maintenance

Another reason for using this device is simple maintenance. The users cannot able to change, move or add to the phone system according to the normal telephony technology. You need to the professional technician help to make some changes in the device. This phone system is updated by the experts in a short time. You can maintain it without any hassle.


yeastar offer the IP PBX system is different models and unique features. They offer the phone system with a warranty. You can choose the best device which suits your needs and budget. It is deployed in the cloud that offers the business freedom to choose the excellent communication solution which fits your company. The users can easily track the phone system by using the GUI.

Improving the functions of iPhones with a leading service center

Many people use iPhones these days because they come with the most advanced features and technologies. However, they are vulnerable to repairs and fixing them are not an easy one that requires proper solutions. Anyone who wants to know more about iPhone repair services in a location should visit an authorized center for fixing the problems with ease. Another thing is that it gives ways to experience peace of mind from unwanted issues. A service center aims at offering high-quality services to customers with experienced technicians.

iPhone services in Singapore

The iPhone repairs involve screen replacement, battery replacement, motherboard issues, LCD and water damage problems that can help to extend the lifetime of devices to a large extent. It is advisable to read the reviews of service centers in Singapore for choosing the best one. In addition, it becomes a simple process to resolve the problems of devices quickly for witnessing complete satisfaction. Some service centers even cover warranty on the devices which give ways to replace parts at free of costs for a limited period. At the same time, it is an important one to compare the services offered by centers in detail for making a better decision.

iPhone services at affordable rates

People who want to repair iPhone services at affordable prices should seek support from a service center for meeting essential requirements. iPhone repair Singapore aims at fulfilling the expectations of customers with the latest tools which give ways for obtaining optimal results. In addition, it makes feasible methods for improving the working conditions of devices with high accuracy. Another thing is that the service center offers solutions for various problems to gain more advantages. Furthermore, it contributes more to perform works with high standards for obtaining optimal resultsin the functions.

How to replace the iPhone screen?

It is really a difficult one to replace damaged, broken, cracked, and frozen screen of iPhones which requires special attention. iPhone screen repair services in Singapore allow customers to replaceall screen types with high efficiency. Guidelines for replacing a screen with original glass versions are available from a service center which gives ways for experiencing peace of mind to a large extent. Customers can even send their mobile phones directly to a service center by post that can help to save more money. In addition, it lets customers carry out repairs with modern approaches for getting the desired outcomes.





Here’s  why  you can trust our list of the best sound bars and trays.

CartePerformance has been evaluating sound bars since they came onto the market as a way to compensate for the weak sound of televisions. Our team of experts has seen all the trends and developments, from the rise of Dolby Atmos to the finer all-in-one units that do not require a subwoofer. We are aware of what people really expect from their soundbar.

None of our evaluations are sponsored, so all our buying tips are honest and unbiased.

However, we can make money if you click on one of the links to buy a sound bar. That means we want you to be happy with your purchase so that you come back to us the next time you need something.

Why buy a sound bar? Because your TV has a shabby sound. And not just yours – TVs generally began to sound awful since they became more aesthetic – and finer. There is no room for powerful audio components. Large speakers would solve the problem, but not everyone has or wants to sacrifice the space to accommodate them.

The solution: the sound bars, which exist to bring to your television a sound aid more than necessary. They are a smart and affordable way to improve your sound without the harshness (and cables) of traditional audio systems.

However, there are many kinds. You can buy a basic standalone soundbar, a more advanced model with a subwoofer, and the potential for satellite speakers or a sound deck on which to put your TV. We look forward to the soundbar Wohome, which seems to have an extraordinary ability to handle surround sound.

We are also very excited about the announcement of the new Sonos Beam, a compact smart soundbar featuring voice assistant Alexa and Google Assistant and Siri.

How we test the sound bars

The sound bars have been invented to make your TV sound better, so we end up spending a lot of time in front of the station. We look at all types of programs to ensure that Trusted Reviews’ passbars are subject to a real test: news bulletins for voices, films for direction effects and scale effects. We also play all kinds of music, since a good soundbar should also be able to double use as an audio system.

The more advanced sound bars have networking capabilities to connect to other speakers and play music throughout the house, so we evaluate their usability and verify they have no connection issues . We test everything from cheap bars from less than 100 € to models over 1000 €, so our valuations benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the market. Each product is compared to its competitors of the same price.

Here is a list of our favorite sound bars. For an explanation of the differences between sound bars and soundtracks, scroll to the bottom of the page.

The best sound bars in 2018

Wohome S9920

Wohome and sound: a love story that has lasted for several decades for an excellent result

Dimensions: 4.0 x 4.1 x 39.7 in
Power: 80 watts
Connections:  Input: bluetooth, AUX in, 3.5mm in, USB, optical, coaxial,Frequency response: 40HZ-20K HZ
bluetooth system connector : yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  110USD on Amazon Product
Reviews users:

Very good construction
Its well balanced
A lot of power
Easy to use

The lessers
Low-end remote control

Traditionally, sound bars could not compete with a real surround sound system with 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. The Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 proves effortlessly that this is no longer true.

It has the ingenious Soundbeam technology, which takes into account your environment and uses 16 speakers of 28mm to bounce the sound creating the very convincing impression that the sound field surrounds you. If you thought you needed more than one speaker to blow bullets and lasers to your ears, you could revise your opinion.

This soundbar (and the wireless subwoofer) are all that is enough to create a true cinematic experience. For superior sound without the hassle of installing a discreet system, this soundbar is the best alternative.

Sonos Playbase

There are the sound bars and there is Sonos: a unique concept for a unique sound

Dimensions: 72 x 38 x 5,8 cm
Power: NC
Connectivity: 1 optical digital audio input (Dolby Digital and stereo), 1 Ethernet port
Bluetooth: yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  799,00 € on Amazon
User rating:

Pretty, solid construction
Seamless application integration
The Sonos app remains the best remote control app
Reactive keys
Can be expanded with additional speakers

The lessers
Dear if you want to build a system

If you have little space and a large amount of money to invest in a beautiful sound source, the Sonos Playbase is a good choice. Designed to be both an enhancement for your television and, in itself, a great streaming system, the Playbase brings to your TV stand a breathtaking sound and a huge list of compatible services.

The Soundstage Playbase is so wide and so high that it’s hard to believe there are no other speakers in the room. Its engaging and entertaining sound is enhanced by soft, direct mid-range frequencies, giving the voices a convincing weight. Everything is controlled via the excellent Sonos application and the compatibility with Alexa is even scheduled for the end of the year.

Plus, combine it with the Sonos Play: 1 speakers and a subwoofer of the brand, and you’ll have a great surround sound system. If you like the idea, but have your TV set on the wall, take a look at the Sonos Playbar.

Samsung HW-MS750

With a satisfactory power and facilities for streaming, the soundbar Samsung is enticing

Dimensions: 13 x 106 x 7.8 cm
Power: 220 watts
Connections:  2 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output, 1 Analog audio input (mini-jack), 1
Bluetooth optical audio input : yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  398.70 € on Amazon
User rating:

Its loud and spacious
Medium range of clear and expressive tones
Treble clear and open
Very good streaming options

The lessers
Rather bulky

Looking for a simple and unadorned soundbar like Dolby Atmos or compatibility with external devices? So that’s what Samsung has to offer in 2017. The Samsung HW-MS750 is an all-in-one solution that takes pride, for an entry-level improvement, to not need a subwoofer .

Its performance is based on 11 highly efficient speakers, two of which are upwards for pitch and a few wide dispersion tweeters for greater scale. The features are numerous, too: an impressive list that includes Bluetooth, multiroom and compatibility with high-resolution music.

The sound of this bar is powerful while remaining clear and the stereo separation is excellent. It is not given, but if you have the budget, you will not be disappointed.

Q Acoustics M2

Power, balance, efficiency: that’s what best defines the soundbar Q Acoustics M2

Dimensions:  550 x 93 x 338 mm
Power: 80 watts
Connectivity: 1 HDMI port, 1 optical input, 1 USB port (service only), 1 RCA line input, 1 stereo input jack 3.5 mm
Bluetooth: yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  407,91 € on Amazon
Users’ rating:

Good build quality
A well balanced sound
A lot of power
Easy to use

The lessers
Low-end remote control

It seems that nothing that bears the name of Q Acoustics can be bad. Their hi-fi speakers are excellent. Their sound bars are excellent. And now we have their first sound board that is just as good.

The Q Acoustics M2 sound board is not complicated, but that’s exactly what a sound board should be; no more no less. It is sturdy enough to support a 25kg TV. It is deep enough and wide enough to accommodate most televisions with a central stand, and flat enough to be placed under televisions that span. The box is constructed of MDF with interior reinforcements to reduce unwanted resonance – the same process as for hi-fi speakers.

This box that looks like nothing works wonders for the sound of your television. The performance is much more spacious than you would suspect at first glance. The balance of tones is neutral, it never adds too much bass and never makes the voices crackle. There is nothing sophisticated like virtual surround modes, but if you want something to simply boost the audio performance of your TV, it will do the trick.

Panasonic SC-ALL70T

Panasonic gives us a combo soundbar and subwoofer very powerful and elegant

Dimensions: 180 x 378 x 303 mm (Subwoofer) 950 x 55 x 120 mm (soundbar)
Power: 350 watts
Connections:  1 HDMI output (TV), 1 HDMI input (BD / DVD), 1 digital optical audio input ( TV), 1 analog audio input (AUX)
Bluetooth: yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  476,07 € on Amazon
User rating:

Low and attractive design
Generous feature range
Play music streaming without difficulty
An exciting and responsive sound with good intensity

The lessers
Display upwards
Tougher when the volume is high
Basses lacking control and definition

The Panasonic SC-ALL70T contains multiroom music, no less than 350W of shattering audio and a wide range of features in a slender design, though it is 950mm wide. This stylish sound bar brings depth, punch and live sound to your movie nights – as long as you have room to accommodate it.

If you’re looking for true 3D sound, you’re not going to be disappointed. Launch an action movie and activate the 3D mode to hear the missiles go by and the explosions populate each end of the soundbar. Still someone to make fun of your oversized soundbar?

The ability of the SC-ALL70T to “restream” the devices connected to it to other speakers on the network, including Bluetooth and Blu-Ray, is particularly impressive. This means that you could buy two of Panasonic’s SC-ALL2 wireless speakers and place them behind you for a discreet 5.1 configuration.

DALI Kubik One

Exceptional sound for a product made in Denmark: welcome to the high-end world

Dimensions: 162 x 980 x 102 mm
Power: 100 watts (4 times 25 watts)
Connections: 1 mini-jack input 3.5 mm, 1 RCA stereo line input, 2 inputs S / PDIF optical Toslink, 1 micro-USB type B (PC / MAC audio playback), 1 LFE RCA
Bluetooth output : yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  999,00 € on Amazon
Notice by users:

Stunning design and build quality
Its natural, powerful and well balanced
Excels in both music and movies

The lessers
No HDMI connection
Horrible remote control
Movies sound better with a subwoofer

The DALI Kubik One is simply breathtaking. Minimalist design, impressive build quality and attractive color schemes are combined to make it a device everyone wants in their living room. It can also be hung on a wall or placed on a flat surface – and have style in both cases.

At the back hides a wide range of connections, with grooves and pliers to prevent cables from hanging, but there is unfortunately no HDMI port, highlighting Dali’s music-oriented approach. Bluetooth connectivity is also present. Its price of € 999.00 is justified by its performance: the sound of music, television and movies is clear, balanced and very detailed without losing power. You can also adjust the sound via the Neutral, Bass Enhance and Bass Boost switches on the back of the unit.

Denon Heos Bar

The high fidelity sound seen by Denon: power, finesse and ultra-complete connectivity

Dimensions: 14.8 x 110 x 7.2 cm
Power: 100 watts (5 x 20 watts)
Connections: 4 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI (ARC) output, 1 IR input, 1 optical digital audio input, 1 coaxial digital audio input , 1 mini-jack auxiliary input, 1 USB audio port, 1 RJ45
Bluetooth network port : yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  928,08 € on Amazon
User rating:

Many connections
Aesthetic design
Excellent sound
Easy to use

The lessers
Not the best in the direction of the effects
Could benefit from a little more depth of bass

HEOS was previously Denon’s wireless line, but it’s now a brand as such – and the HEOS bar is Sonos in the crosshairs.

What we have here is a universal audio system that excels at playing music as well as reproducing movie soundtracks. It’s a soft, warm and muscular sound that has clearly drawn lessons from Denon’s hi-fi heritage. Add to this its fluid application, similar to that of Sonos, as well as its competitive price, and you get success at all levels.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to serve as a sound centerpiece for your home, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile model.

Sony HT-ST5000

The inventor of the Walkman has not finished to impress us

Dimensions: 122 x 61 x 29.5 cm
Power: 800 watts
Connectivity: 3 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output, 1 line input (3.5 mm jack), 1 USB port, 1 RJ45 Ethernet port
Bluetooth: yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  1 421,41 € on Amazon
User rating:

Very good value for money
Fine and discreet
Boost decent voices

The lessers
Remote control of poor quality
Few details and poorly controlled bass

Polk Signa Solo

A very good price / quality ratio, a very clean and discreet design and a really excellent rendering for the voices: the ingredients of a success

Dimensions:  990.5 x 91.7 x 99.3 mm
Power: 120 watts
Connectivity: optical and mini jack
Bluetooth: yes
Remote control: yes
Best price:  142,62 € on Amazon
User rating:

Very good value for money
Fine and discreet
Correct Boost of Voices

The lessers
Remote control of poor quality
Few details and poorly controlled bass

Cheap does not mean bad. The Polk Signa Solo is a discreet and elegant sound bar at a super low price – it’s about the cheapest model for improving the built-in sound of your TV. It’s an ingenious one-piece addition: even though this bar does not offer different levels of detail or bass to shake the floor, it does improve voice clarity.

With this model, Sony goes to serious things. If you’ve just bought a massive TV and want a sophisticated soundbar to accompany it, Sony wants to be your first choice. The Sony HT-ST5000 is the sound bar containing the most features the brand has ever produced. Among its main attractions are Dolby Atmos, High-Res Audio, Bluetooth and Chromecast compatibility. It also has three HDMI ports for transmitting 4K video signals in addition to simpler digital optical and analog audio options.

It also offers a fantastic sound. This is not quite the surround effect obtained with a true Atmos configuration, but you will find it difficult to find such a large amplitude, depth, dynamism or clarity in most alternatives. If you are looking for a 2.1 audio system without compromise, few are better or as well equipped. In addition to all this, the design of the bar is very good. Remove the fabric protectors and you will find golden speakers. Exaggerated, but still a nice attention. If you’re looking to go crazy with a soundbar, look no further.

If you can not decide between a bar and a sound board, here is a brief explanation of their differences.

Sky Soundbox

With a unique design and powerful bass, the Sky Soundbox will be a sensation, both in your eyes and in your ears

Dimensions: 37.5 x 21 x 9.5 cm
Power: NC
Connectivity: optical (in), HDMI (in and out), USB
Bluetooth: yes
Remote control: yes

Important bass
Sky Q optimization modes generally work well
Large sound for a compact unit

The lessers
The sound lacks subtlety to listen to music
Its bizarre shape makes it difficult to position
Due to the higher price, is not worth it for who is not Sky’s customer

The Sky Soundbox is a strange model in more ways than one. His first quirk is his form, resembling that of a sound board, but too small for a TV. Finding the ideal location for this device can be complicated.

The other special feature of the Soundbox is that Sky’s customers can buy it at a truly exceptional price. No one should have to pay the € 800 they charge, but at € 300 for Sky subscribers, or € 250 for Sky Q Multiroom users, there is no need to think twice.

The sound amplitude is impressive for such a compact device and some Sky Q-specific sound modes help achieve a better sound balance for sports, movies and more.

For music, this soundbar is a little loud and the bass can be exaggerated, but it is very good for most video content – provided you have not invested more than the reduced price.

Sound Bars Vs Sound Trays – Which One is Right for You?

If you want to improve the sound of your TV without cluttering your living room with a 5.1 surround system, you have two possibilities: a sound bar or a sound tray.

The sound bars are essentially thin speakers that can be mounted on the wall under your television, or placed in front of it on a piece of furniture. Sound bars have emerged as an alternative to poor-quality built-in TV speakers. Most are stereo, but some of the most powerful are technologically advanced enough to deliver a compelling virtual surround sound experience.

Most of the sound bars you will find are 2.1 configurations. This means that you will have two speakers and a separate subwoofer. Some exceptions combine the subwoofer and even more speakers in one device. The advantage of a wide soundbar is that it offers better stereo, but a thin design also makes it almost mandatory the presence of a separate subwoofer.

The sound trays are much flatter units designed to be placed under the television, on a piece of furniture or a stand. They will typically offer more bass than sound bars, which means most will not need a separate subwoofer.

Sound trays are often categorized according to the weight of the televisions they can support and, because of the extra space they occupy, they will usually have better audio processing than the sound bars.

Soundbars and soundboards sometimes have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming content from smartphones, tablets, and computers. Physical connectors can include USB ports for connecting external hard drives, HDMI inputs and outputs for Full HD and 3D TV playback. A recent trend is to have a unique optical port that lets you plug everything into your TV, with just one cable to connect the bar or sound tray. The new Sonos Playbase follows this trend.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.2000

Image result for Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs.2000

The speakers are primarily used to hear the voice with amplification. However, over a period with the change in technology, there has been a lot of change seen in this segment of entertainment also like the creative minds in the market has done a lot of research to improve the quality of speakers. The current trend is of Bluetooth speaker where the device is not attached with the chord, but still, the best of the music quality can be availed flawlessly from such speaker. There are an ample number of makers in the market who offer such Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are very good if you are looking for a wireless sound system. The sound qualities are amazing. You will no longer require any earphone to enjoy the audio from your smartphone. The users don’t have to place the phone near the speaker because the Bluetooth helps in the connectivity process.

Music lovers are experiencing new things through many unique electronic devices which help them to enjoy some great quality of sound. This speaker helps in providing many essential features to their customers such as long battery life, well-built in quality, great performance, and durability. Below are some of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers which will not hurt your pocket anymore because these are easily affordable.

The best Bluetooth speakers in 2000

  • JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth speakers

This device tops the list of these criteria as it provides the best features among these categories. JBL is a certified name for manufacturing the music speakers all around the world. It offers a great sound to the users. The wireless speaker is equipped with a rechargeable battery which can give a play time for five continuous hours.

You can enjoy its hands-free killer feature while attending any incoming call on the smartphone. The speaker is easily compatible with the tablets and smartphone. Its built-in quality helps you to carry everywhere. You can carry this speaker in your pocket easily.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Small and portable
  • Mic for taking calls
  • A good brand
  • Built-in quality is great with amazing design

  • Logitech X100

Logitech is providing many high-class Bluetooth speakers in the Indian markets. It is very compact which consists of a built-in lithium battery. The rechargeable battery helps the speaker to play for about 5 hours continuously. It comes in many exciting colours and accordingly you can buy.

The Bluetooth speaker comes with a loop where the users can easily hang this device anywhere. The four clickable buttons are very attractive and help you to control those buttons for power easily ON/OFF, Bluetooth connectivity and volume up/ down. The users can easily surf the website Killerfeatures.com for more features.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Sound clarity is great
  • Bluetooth range is good (up to 10m)
  • Small in size
  • Built-in quality is good
  • Battery life is 5 hours

  • Boat stone 200

This Bluetooth speaker offers a great built-in quality with good battery backup. This wireless speaker is easily affordable at a reasonable price. The whole design of this speaker looks like a rugged on which gives a sporty look to the device. Under this price, this provides the best battery backup compared to any other Bluetooth speaker.

This speaker is designed for the outdoors so that you can enjoy its beats anywhere by just connecting it to the device. The speaker can be easily mounted on the cycle and motorbikes. The speaker boasts of the waterproof facilities. The sound of this device is really loud and clear. Their rugged designs help this device to give the customers with scratch less experience.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Very great for outdoors
  • Bass is good
  • Waterproof and shockproof certified by IPX5
  • Battery backup is very good
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life

  • Portronics Sound Drum

It is a cylindrical shaped wireless Bluetooth speaker. This two side speaker is easily compatible and can be used for an outdoor purpose. The construction quality is very appealing. The grilled like frames gives a premium look to this wireless device. The speaker boasts about its water and splash resistant feature.

The noise which is produced by this device is very loud and clear. You can enjoy your favourite songs on this device. If the device is being played at a maximum volume, the sound doesn’t distort. The bass is very good which gives the best surround of sounds. With a range of 10 m, you can connect this device to your smartphone with much ease.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Water and splash resistant
  • Speakers are very powerful
  • Build in quality is very good
  • Battery life is 6-7 hours
  • Sound doesn’t distort if played at maximum volume

  • Blaupunkt BT-51

This is the best entry-level Bluetooth speaker which is launched in the Indian market at an affordable price. The built-in quality is very amazing which makes it a good competitor to many other Bluetooth devices. The textured look of the speakers gives a premium look.

There is a USB port for easy charging of the device, and a Card slot is also present behind the speaker. The two rubber pads help the users to correctly hold the device so that it doesn’t fall easily from the hands. The bass is very high, and the beats are rich in quality with proper highs and lows. The sound doesn’t get distorted even it is played at high volumes.

Specifications of this speaker

  • Sound quality is very good
  • SD card is compatible with the device
  • Solid built-in quality
  • Battery life is up to 10 long hours

The above wireless Bluetooth speakers’ brands are worth the price. The speakers are equipped with many new features so that the users can access all these new features with much ease. This small speaker produces very large sounds to the surroundings. You can easily go through the website Killerfeatures.com where you can get enormous numbers of products and many electronic devices for your daily needs.

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic

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Compromising is a part of life, and that’s especially true when it comes to musical equipment. However, that’s not the case with ZT Lunchbox Acoustic. This thing is equally affordable, powerful, and lightweight, meaning you can take it around the globe and still enjoy the decent sound quality. ZT isn’t one of the oldest companies in the business; yet, they do manage to manufacture some state-of-the-art equipment that is always among the best-sellers. First of all, ZT Lunchbox Acoustic weighs 12 pounds, which equals 5.5 kilos. So, as you can see, it is, indeed, a compact amp with just the right weight for constant gigs.

The size is also quite alright: you’ll be able to fit it in a tiny box. The body is made of thin plywood – a standard material for amps of this size and in this price range. The front is almost completely covered with a metallic grille that protects the speakers from any damage. See that handle on top of it? For the mobile musicians, it’s exactly what the doc ordered. While the overall construction is not the sturdiest one on the planet, you will come to appreciate the level of attention and love the company engineers have put into making this highly affordable acoustic amplifier.

What Is ZT Lunchbox Acoustic All About?


This is a pro-quality piece of equipment. It features not 1, but 2 channels that you can use simultaneously (again, perfect for some solo gigs). For small and even medium-sized venues, it will be able to back you up with enough sound. With 75 Watts under the hood, it manages to power up any acoustic guitar you throw its way. The 6.5-inch speaker might seem like a very modest choice at first. But in reality, it packs a lot of heat and is incredibly powerful for an amplifier this small. It is custom-designed, meaning the manufacturer has spent a significant amount of time and energy on trying to find the perfect match for the body and the electronics.

Learning More about the Features


ZT Lunchbox Acoustic can be switched between two modes; 115V and 230V. Yep, that’s another big reason to consider it as your companion during long tours around the world. For singers-songwriters that prefer to travel light and only want to carry their favorite acoustic guitar and amp with them, ZT’s highly capable and low-budget option might just be what they’ve been looking for. That precise, accentuated, natural sound is very hard to achieve even on high-end equipment. You can rest assured that both your instrument and voice will cut through any dense mix and noise.

What Else Does It Have To Offer?


Both channels come with separate reverb controls; plus, there’s an Effects Loop and a 1/8-inch auxiliary input. From afar, ZT Lunchbox Acoustic might look like an old-school TV; but it’s actually a pretty sophisticated amplifier that does more than most rivals in the same price category do. Important note: we just mentioned the separate reverbs. You should know that Gain and the EQ are also independent! So, not only is this thing portable, affordable, and musical, it also provides a great level of control over the final sound. For the microphone in, you’ll have Phantom Power (it’s used to boost the signal of the mic).

The headphone out (with a volume control), the ability to switch between two modes, along with those 75 Watts of power; turn it into a must-have. If you want, the company also makes some pretty cool bags for carrying it on tours. It’s available for 40 bucks. One last thing: we did say that it is affordable, and it’s true. At the same time, 500 dollars aren’t particularly cheap. With that said, the beginners won’t probably need all the advanced features it provides. On the other hand, the pros that make money on live gigs will definitely appreciate its versatility.