Check The Three Best Payroll Software In India

Payroll processing is a common concern for businesses globally. After all, your employees matter, and you would want to have the relevant and important data at hand when needed. Thankfully, there are quite a few choices in the Indian market. In fact, there are more than 300 payroll software solutions in India, and in this post, we have shortlisted three best ones for you!

  1. Keka HR and Payroll. Founded in 2015 by Vijay Yalamanchili in Hyderabad, Keka has emerged to be the most promising payroll solution in India. The company has top clients like Saavn and boasts of having offices in multiple cities. Their cloud-based solution is meant for SMEs and large businesses alike, and the transition and migration to Keka doesn’t take more than a week. They have maintained two modules for employees and admin, making things simpler. What’s more? You can get complete assistance for HR audit and payroll processing, with focus on other aspects like loans, arrears, onetime payments and more.
  2. sumHR. This is a cloud-based HR & payroll software with clients like PayU and StalkBuyLove. sumHR’s system is a neat one and offers plenty of features, including income tax & deductions, profession tax, loans, advances and more. Keeping the attendance and leaves in mind, it calculates deductions easily, and their customer support is pretty decent too. They are also adding a brand-new interface, so there’s a lot to expect.
  3. ZingHR. Based in Mumbai, ZingHR was founded in 2014 by Prasad Rajappan. Key clients include Unimark Remedies and Enrich Salons. They have offices in three cities, and there are more than 24 modules with this software, with four products, such as Power Pack and Welcome pack. All products come with Payroll Compliance Management. Check everything right from history to salary deductions and more.

If you are looking for the best payroll software India, take your time to review the options. Of all the three, Keka really fared well for us and shows a lot of promise. You can directly check their website to find more on the features and other aspects, besides the pricing.