Choose Your Options for the Perfect Mixer Grinding

Before choosing the best equipment for you, there are other appliances that may be more efficient for the results you are looking for. Both themixer grinder, the centrifuge and the slow juicer show similar results, however, not all work with all fruits and vegetables. The centrifuge separates the liquid from the pulp, while the mixer grinder breaks the food at high speed making it liquid. The slow juicer works by crushing or cold pressing preserving oxidation, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. Each equipment has advantages and disadvantages, with your personal taste in the juices that you want to produce the best factor to take into account. So choosing the Bext Mixer Grinder is essential in this part now.

Mixer grinder

You can place a wide variety of fruits and vegetables such as avocado, banana or vegetables, this equipment is easier to clean than the rest.


It presents nutritional values ​​in the juices produced, by separating the juice from the pulp and thus releasing vitamins and minerals.

Slow Juicer

By cold pressing fruits and vegetables, it allows to produce a greater amount of juice where it can include vegetables, herbs, fruits and even seeds without oxidizing the drink and maintaining its nutritional benefits.

The Mixer grinder Noise Seal

This item concerns your comfort when using the mixer grinder. Often, when turning on the device, there is a need to stop talking to someone or pause a song, for example, because the two noises are inaudible together. This fact can increase your irritability, as a customer, when using the product. That is why it is important to check, at the time of purchase, which noise scale is presented, defined by the Noise Seal. In case of the Best Induction Cooktop also you can find the solution perfectly now.

The Seal is an initiative required in conjunction with the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama) and works as follows: after calculating the noise produced by the mixer grinder, a scale of 1 to 5 was made, in which 1 indicates that the product is quieter and 5 indicates that the product is less quiet.

The price

Depending on your profile, the price can be the starting point when buying a mixer grinder, so the tip is to research a lot to find one that, literally, combines the useful with the pleasant: satisfy your needs, but fit in your pocket.

The mixer grinder warranty

After the purchase is finished, it is important that the consumer has full support of the brand in case of any problem with the product. This is what the warranty is for, whether to repair the device or exchange for a new one, but of the same or similar model. Therefore, it is essential to observe how much support time the brand makes available to the consumer. From Zotezo this is essential now.

The idea here is not only to indicate which are the best rated equipment, but to help you understand which is the mixer grinder that best suits you and your needs, since this is what reflects a cost-effective equipment: serving exactly for you.