Cloud Hosting-Types, Features and Benefits

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Cloud hosting services caters to hosting on virtual servers. These servers use the resources of the physical webservers.  Clients can access web hosting services based on their requirements. Availing web hosting services have their own benefits, firstly it is cost effective, and secondly the clients require paying for what they use.

Working of Public Cloud

Most cloud hosting models are public cloud models. They include hosting on virtual servers and pull the resources from other virtual servers that are available publicly. The virtual servers are connected to each other to form a network of servers. Similar public networks are used to move the data of the servers (data which is stored in the servers as cloud resource). The public clouds include some security measure to ensure that the data is kept private.

Private Cloud

Private clouds are suitable when privacy and security are major concerns. These clouds use ring-fenced resources very much like the networks and the servers irrespective of their locations (whether located with the cloud server or on site).

Cloud hosting

Examples of cloud hosting services fall under the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and the PaaS (Platform as a Service) classifications.

Features and Benefits

Important features and benefits of cloud hosting services include the following:-

  • Reliability
  • Physical security
  • Scalability
  • Utility style and costing
  • Responsive load balancing

There are many businesses which offer cloud hosting and web hosting services to their clients. In the USA and Canada there are top service providers which help businesses to store their data in the cloud, use the data for business purposes. The cloud hosting service providers help a business to grow in size and become profitable. To avail the services the customers can browse online and check the businesses which offer relevant services as most of the businesses maintain web portals where they display in detail the services they offer to the customers, web hosting packages and related tariffs.