Cold Room Convenience

When your restaurant, pub or café needs additional fridge or freezer capacity to cope with an event or a rise in demand then please look at walk in freezer and cold room hire so that you don’t have to make repeated orders for stock and ram as much as possible in to a limited space which could risk the onsite facilities functionality.

Walk in cold rooms and freezers are designed for any establishment or event host that needs a swift, efficient and cost effective solution to their fridge or freezer conundrum.

  • Don’t turn away business.
  • Don’t wonder how cold rooms will get in to the premises.
  • Don’t worry that the facilities will steal profits.

Just think, the client who wanted a table last Saturday was prepared to book ahead for his business lunches too. However, they were turned away and this meant they ate at a rival establishment who are now set to enjoy the lunch business that could have been yours.

If you had taken advantage of a walk in cold room and/or walk in freezer in a size that you could comfortably house in a room adjacent to the kitchens or in a corridor, that new business and the profits plus the word of mouth recommendations would have been yours.

The hire market is hugely competitive so you’ll find that fees are not prohibitive. Walk in facilities are pre-bookable and available on an emergency basis.

The hire firm delivers the cold or freezer room and they assemble it on site so don’t worry if the space you’ve commandeered for the unit is at the end of a corridor.

Once the unit has been constructed and set up the hire firm will leave it with you for the duration that the facilities are required for. Firms are happy to extend hire periods so if you initially hire for two weeks and extend beyond that, it won’t be an issue.

The fact that you only have to walk a few feet to the stock you would have made a separate order and journey for without the hire facilities can feel rather liberating. It certainly maximises efficiency.

Staff can work in the cold room hire units without contravening health and safety rules and that also means space won’t be fought for in the busy kitchen.

Respected firms including Icecool Trailers in Newbury, who cover Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, London, South Wales and the Midlands offer fully legislation meeting and hygienic walk in facilities so if you should happen to have a Food Standards Agency/local authority inspection the hire units won’t cause a hire related issue.

The walk in cold rooms and walk in freezers are normally situated indoors which offers optimised convenience but if you think that you’d be better served by hiring a fridge or freezer trailer with wheels that can sit either indoors or outside then a cold room hire firm can provide these resources too.

Don’t make life tricky for yourself, opt for convenience instead.