Comparing Printer Variables for Your Home Office

Have you recently come to the conclusion that it just may be time to get a printer for your home office? This could be a very smart decision, as constantly printing at a local copy place can get to be pretty pricey. Maybe you have kids that are approaching secondary school and therefore have more need for printing term papers and other class materials.

Well, whatever your reason for needing a new printer, you should compare several variables to ensure that you get the right printer for you.  Here, then, are a few of these variables that you should look at:Image result for Comparing Printer Variables for Your Home Office


Home office printers, these days have a lot of features but don’t get caught up in all that quite yet.  The first thing you need to look at is the upfront retail cost and how that compares with the maintenance costs.  For one, laser printers tend to be faster, but they are more expensive (and they tend to have fewer versatile features).  For example, the speed of a laser printer tends to come at the expense of quality color printing.  You need to weigh the price of ink/toner and paper, too; the true value of a home printer is in how much it can save you over time.

Inkjet toner cartridges, though, can be refilled; meaning you could save some money over buying them new and also do your part to help the environment. For some people, that is a keen benefit. You can also find double capacity inkjet toner—like the HP 61xl Ink Combo at—that provides a better value and longer printing longevity.


These are not necessarily two things at odds with each other but they are definitely metrics you should consider.  Again, laser printers are much faster (at least twice as fast and often three times faster) than inkjet printers. At the same time, laser printers also tend to have higher print quality.

That is, if you are only printing black text. If you need to print a lot of photos or documents with color images, than an inkjet is a better choice.  Indeed, laser printers are actually quite limited in what they can do. Yes, they are fast, but they can be fickle about the type of paper you use and the types of print jobs you can request.