Conquering the Last Mile: Result Optimization Through Drone Use

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As technology has rapidly evolved, customers are also becoming harder to please. Nowadays, customers are not only after quality products and services. They want a quick response, easy and convenient solutions and most of all faster delivery turnaround time.

Businesses, particularly those in the logistics and supply chains network, are faced with these growing demands from the customers. Moreover, as the competition among these companies is getting tougher, the need for them to adapt to new technologies and innovate every now and then is a must so they can have an edge in the market.

Enhancing the Delivery and the Pick-Up Procedure

One of the challenges among logistic companies is meeting customers expectation regarding the time frame or turnaround time with which the customer can receive the product that was ordered.

Say, for instance, the customer ordered a hooded jacket. That customer will not care about how the deliverer will have weathered through the rain, pass the mud and the narrow driveway or the hazard posed by the hot-tempered fellow standing by the gate that they affectionately call pet dog.

Whether you like it or not, customers are focused on convenience and they want what they want regardless of the circumstances. As the business owner, you have to find ways to enhance the product delivery and the pickup procedure.

Drones – the New Technology Used to Conquer the Last Mile Issues

It is no secret that the Last Mile is one of the most difficult and even costly components in logistics. It takes only one single mistake or a slight delivery delay to break a customer’s trust. This is also where most companies fail in customer satisfaction surveys. This is why logistics companies are always on the run and are constantly making innovations to improve the Last Mile service aspect.

However, thanks to the advent of technology and digital automation, various Last Mile issues are now gradually resolved and addressed efficiently.

One of the new technology in logistics which is seen with promising results is the use of drone technology. Drones are now seen as a valuable asset particularly for the optimization of the last mile encounter. In fact, the use of drones among logistics company is now gaining a strong momentum. Drones are becoming an integral part of courier delivery as they can be used to assist in complex deliveries. They can be customized and programmed for special deliveries to meet the customer’s needs and expectations. Because they are versatile, faster and easier to use, these drones will surely become more extensively used come year 2018.

Here are some other multiple uses of drones:

  • Aerial photography and journalism coverage
  • Assist in search and rescue operations
  • Aid in the geographic mapping of hard to reach locations and challenging terrains
  • Tracking hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Unmanned cargo shipping and express delivery

Drone technology is growing and expect that this will continue immensely over time. If you have not considered drone technology in your logistics operations, you might as well start learning about it now.

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