Data Transferring Is Easy With Rich Copy

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When you want to transfer, replicating or synchronize your data safely you need effortless solutions. Usually data handling of any kind is very time consuming and full of errors but today because of ever growing technology every technical problem has solution. If you talk about best data transfer suite Rich copy 360 is multi thread technology. When you want to transfer files from one place to other you need hassle free and less annoying technique. Let the rich copy do this technical work with less error and effort.

Errors faced by users during data transferring

Sometimes very large files can’t be transferred to destined location, reason behind is that path is too long. System must be modified to bring the targeted data to the destination. After many times of trial file error occurs and you see file can’t be copied. Use rich copy data transfer suite, an amazing tool to copy paste long files at any destination. Rich copy is designed in the way to copy entire directory no matter how long it might be. This tool can copy those locked files whose path was not sorted by computer. Once you set up the job of data transferring it doesn’t require user innervation.  

Benefits of using latest technology

When you use GS rich copy you are free from keeping an eye on task completion. Once the data transferring is done, engaged staff of rich copy sends you e-mail. Thus you can invest your time in other important works while rich copy will handle the task of data copying. GS rich copy is multi thread technology based which beats all other copying tools. Rich copy server can be run on any MS window version from xp to 2019.  Rich copy can run more than 1000 job in less than 2 minutes. This is cloud based technology which offers automation, elasticity and security.

Features of rich copy solution

Rich copy is very user friendly robust solution which is powerful for any size of files. Data migration is easy among various wireless PC connection along with migration file back up is easy. You can recover those files which faces disaster and overwritten by other sudden installations. Rich copy is multi thread supporter so it can perform from 0 core to 250 core. Rich copy is a system operated, it need no manual handling neither CPU is required. You can process more than 100 files at a time, no file size restriction.

Latest technical innovations like robo copy and rich copy makes data migration process easy. You can do the data transferring job in less time than you do manually. It is effortless and easy to use this tool, you can transfer smallest to largest file at any destination. Rich copy is not software driven, its user driven but also user friendly. Step by step description makes it easy to handle last modified data only. No annoying process to delete again and again unwanted deleted files. Be advance with advanced technological innovations and solutions.