Diving into the Recertified Defibrillator Market

Whether you are a first response provider, a paramedic or a surgeon, defibrillators are necessities that must be within reach at all times. When the heart is no longer beating at a regular rhythm, correct defibrillator use at the right time can mean saving the life of a person or bringing one back from the dead. The real problem is not the availability of the machines or expertise to use it. It lies in acquiring the machines, specifically, the cost factor.

For Medical Business 

With the increasing geriatric population, the booming of the medical tourism industry and the need for cost-effectiveness reconditioned and recertified medical equipment is doing the rounds at crazy speeds. Recertified defibrillators are a part of the puzzle, as they offer similar functionalities to new machines, at a fraction of the price. They are rigorously tested and certified to perform at par with those of new machines, and can, in many cases, enable medical officers to purchase higher-end machines at a significantly lower cost. With the global refurbished medical equipment market expected to hit a growth CAGR of 12% and the USD 15 billion valuations by 2023, it only seems like a good idea to catch on to the concept of recertified equipment as soon as possible.

Final Words

Reconditioned defibrillators can be used in the same settings as new machines, be it ambulances, hospitals or fire departments, or civilian locations such as schools, churches or gyms. There is no difference in the operation of new and recertified defibrillators. Therefore, no extra training or knowledge is required. The benefits of these machines are too many to ignore. Thus, all medical professionals should be looking to dive into the recertified defibrillator market to fulfill all their needs. Retailers such as Coast biomedical equipment are doing perfect jobs of helping people catch on to the trend.