Download Instagram photos from your mobile and PC

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You a fan of Instagram? Since the arrival of the desktop version of Instagram in October 2016, viewing the photos and videos from the browser on our computer is one of the multiple options that Instagram offers to improve our experience.

Many people wonder if Instagram photos can be downloaded through the PC or with the mobile version. Today it is possible to download photos with the tools that I will explain below:

The simplest way to save Instagram photos on PC is to right click on them and select the “Save as” option, however there are those who do not feel satisfied with the quality of the image and the format and prefer to resort to another method to download Instagram images.

Here is the best application to take screenshots of Instagram


The fastest and most comfortable option is to take a screenshot, for this you can use an application, for example I use Instadown which allows me to capture screens very easily and edit my photo, if I wish, before saving it in my folder. I have been using the application since 2 years ago and so far I am quite satisfied!

No need to be an expert

Many people assume that running applications integrated with PC is quite difficult to do but running Instadown is pretty easy. Once the app is downloaded, you can capture and save any Instagram photos easily. As information, this application can be installed on Firefox, certainly makes it easier for everyone to use it. There is an option “Add to Firefox” which can be accessed easily. You do not have to be an expert to use this app.

Now capturing Instagram photos can be done easily. We just need to be more wise in using Instagram.