Everything You Need To Know About Archive Manager from MLtek

Unlike many if not all other file server archiving solutions, MLtek’s file archiving solution, Archiver.FS is faster and easier because it doesn’t try to store your files in a database.

Other software

In most other software for archiving, the program builds a database and then files all the documents into that database which is the area where most problems will occur.

Archive Manager

ArchiveManager by MLtek uses a share that can be created anywhere on your network. Because of this it is fastest and more reliable piece of files for archiving software around the world. It maintains on folders and files the NTFS permissions after archiving and it has all other features you would expect.

Features include:

  • Ability to work with any file server that has been released in the last 10 years;
  • Flexible and enables migration of files from one UNC pathway to any other UNC pathway;
  • Uses almost any storage device no matter how old;
  • Can be used as storage for 1st tier and can compress old files to save space;
  • Includes various types of stubs that are left in place of the archived files;
  • Doesn’t require much if any type of help from the IT department;
  • Archive Manager already is an established name product having a significant user base with all types of companies using this software to manage their files;
  • Able to manage file storage systems up to 3.4 PetBytes in size.


Subscriptions and permanent licenses are available. If you want to test out the program you can download one with a license that is free. This is part of MLtek’s marketing plan and it is one of the best ways to market this type of software.

Fast, effective and inexpensive

Archive Manager is faster, much more reliably and less expensive than anyother program like this that is currently on the market. Support is available for almost any type of network filing systems such as Window Server using NAS, NTFS and CIFS.

Information on each file

All of the information stating where a file has been archived from and where it is kept in the file system now is done by a unique use of file properties as well as directory structures.

Try it out for free

If you or your company is looking for lightweight, fast as well as powerful archiving software to tackle your unruly network storage, then you should check out MLtek’s file archiving solution called Archive Manager. If you have any questions email to Sales@mltek.net for help or answers to your questions.