Everything You Should Know About Smart Calendar Thync – The Smartest Digital Calendar By Vitec GmbH

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For every organized person who values family as much as professional commitments, it gets troublesome to miss out on any special event. But you don’t have to suffer from the guilt of missed holidays or forgotten anniversaries and birthdays with the Smart Calendar Thync. This product is a digital calendar with a 10.1-inch display screen. And if you’re thinking if this digital calendar is actually worthy of your time, then you’d be pleased to know that Thync by Vitec GmbH is a multi-purpose device. Thus, to open the knots of a twisted life due to poor time management, take a look at the benefits and features of Smart Calendar Thync digital calendar and decide for yourself.

  1. A Digital Calendar To Manage Events

As you know by now, Smart Calendar Thync can keep a record of all important events and remind you of them in time. A simple synchronization between Smart Calendar Thync and for example your Gmail or Outlook calendar allows you a carefree and smooth appointment maintenance and visualization. So, keep your loved ones up to date within seconds, no matter when and from where.

  1. A Digital Photo Frame To Wake Up Memories

Thync is a TFT-made digital gadget that can be used as a photo frame. You can choose any picture that you want as a background and share it with friends and family.

  1. A Digital Weather Clock To Plan Outdoor Events

Planning a day out with family or a vacation with friends but don’t want the day ruined due to unpredictable weather? Well, then look up straight through Thync that’ll give you the weather info all across the globe, wherever and whenever you’re going.

  1. A Cinema Planner

Like movies but do not have the time to read the reviews and decide which one to watch? Well, Thync can do the work for you by being your cinema planner. You can view the details of all the latest releases in one single page.

  1. A Digital Newspaper

Thync can make global news feed available at your disposal from reliable sources like the CNN and the New York Times so that you can catch up with the breaking news despite your busy schedule.

  1. Soccer Updates

A football fan with no time to catch the live feed? Well, worry not. Thync can fetch all the soccer updates as they happen. Besides, since it can run for 5 days after being charged, you need not worry about discontinuation as long as you have an internet connection.

Furthermore, Vitec GmbH is planning a kickstart campaign for the realization of the Smart Calendar Thync. The crowd funding model will finance the production of the product.

The first supporters will be rewarded with a discount of up to 30%. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the 30% discount.

Best Features Of Thync

Amongst the many, the following are the most noteworthy benefits of Smart Calendar Thync.

  • It has a high-resolution display of 1024×600
  • It is available in 2 colors – black and white
  • Thanks to intuitive gesture control, you can switch between functions with a simple hand movement.
  • It doesn’t require an annoying remote. It has 1 app, compatible with Android as well as iOS, for the purpose of navigation