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According to a recent survey, in the past year, 91% of Internet users have purchased at least 1 product online. It is becoming more and more popular to make great purchases on the net, saving time and energy. All this is nice and good, but let’s mention that online shopping is also a danger. So the question is how can we buy safely on the net?

A significant part of the internet users are buying in foreign websites, and last year they spent nearly 400 billion dollars. One of the reasons for this is that they often get cheaper products, but we also have to mention that the number of websites is not growing at the right rate. However, online shopping is at the top, so it wouldn’t be better to find a website. In the process of internet marketing this happens to be an essential option. The target customer needs to be fixed and only then you can come up with the right solutions for the same.

Listen to the page name

Everyone knows, the largest website, has a lot of positive reviews, declared reliable. However, it is very important that the domain name is correct for the site that you visit. A very common trick is that the ending is, for example, .net, which is a threat to us.

Look for the padlock

We only provide your bank card details on a page where we can see the padlock, as these websites are encrypted.

Don’t give more data than you need

We can be sure that it is not necessary for any company to enter the TAJ number or the date of birth to buy online. So let’s look at what kind of data we share at this time.

Protect our computer

Be sure to have an antivirus program! And let’s run the virus scanner on files downloaded from the Internet. In addition, it helps a lot if our machine is always up to date, so install the updates offered!

Safe Wi-Fi

If there’s a way to do it, don’t make purchases online at a cafĂ© or shopping mall with public Wi-Fi. At home our own private network is much safer to do this.

Give a strong password

Let’s try to avoid very common passwords like 12345 or the name of the page we are using. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that each user account has a different password. For example, if you type in the word you chose, we might use numbers instead of some letters, place the capital letter in the middle of the word, not the beginning, and then remember the special characters. Know these matters very well now and deliver accordingly.