Exploring the Importance of Network Maintenance for Today’s Businesses

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More than two billion websites exist at the moment. That figure has doubled over the last six years, and analysts expect it to continue surging during the years to come. Though some may argue that only about 400 million sites are active at any given time, even this number adds up to serious competition among businesses in all niches of the market. Dozens of factors determine which of those websites excel or fail, but certain elements stand out above the rest. Many of them revolve around website functionality and reliability, making network maintenance one of the top influencing elements for today’s businesses.

What Is Network Maintenance?

Network maintenance is essentially keeping up a company’s internal network. It’s an ongoing process geared toward finding various network issues and solving them. This field involves quite a few tasks, including installing new hardware and software as they’re developed to keep pace with the competition and make use of the latest advancements available. It also entails improving page load speeds, security measures, and numerous other aspects. Viavi Solutions is among the companies that focus on network maintenance and developing tools to help businesses in this regard.

Why Is Network Maintenance So Important?

Network maintenance is critical for several reasons. It’s crucial for keeping a company competitive on numerous levels. It’s also important for improving productivity, protecting sensitive information, safeguarding intellectual property, and fostering both internal and external communications. Consider some of the common aspects of network maintenance and how they affect modern businesses.


Digital data storage and operating online are no longer options in today’s business landscape. They’re essential. On top of that, the amount of data being created, stored, and shared is skyrocketing with each passing year. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is becoming an increasing concern because of these factors. According to one recent report more than four billion data breaches took place just during the first half of last year. This swelling threat leaves businesses and their clients vulnerable, but network maintenance helps reduce the threats and catch new dangers before they have a chance to get out of hand.

Employee Productivity

Having a network that isn’t operating at peak levels greatly hampers employee productivity. In turn, it can take a toll on the entire company. Network maintenance aids in ensuring the company’s systems as well as its employees function effectively and efficiently. This improves the company’s profits, employee morale, and customer satisfaction along with many other essential factors.

Load Speeds

When a company’s network is functioning properly, website visitors undoubtedly notice the difference. Consumers typically leave a website if its landing pages don’t load within three seconds or provide satisfactory user experiences. From there, those visitors turn to the competition. At the same time, Google places a great deal of importance on websites’ functionality and load speeds. Because of this, lengthy load times and other issues can actually detract from a website’s online visibility.

These are only a few of the key reasons network maintenance is so crucial for today’s businesses. Failing to keep up with the times, not preventing as many problems as possible, and not catching small issues as they arise can negatively impact companies from several angles. As technology continues to advance and become an even more integral component in daily operations, this element is going to grow ever more important.