Factors That Influence Your CPS Rating While Gaming

Becoming the best online gamer requires lots of practice. It requires top-level performance against the best in the industry. Speaking of the best, one factor that heavily influences their level difference is the CPS rate. CPS is how quickly you can tap a mouse or type on your keyboard. The best gamers average a clicking rate of 11-14 clicks per second. These rates are what makes them pros. To change the status quo and become one of the top gamers in your league, here are some things you must change.

Things That Influence Gaming Clicking Rates

As a gamer, these are the things that will influence your clicking rate during virtual games.


The type of gadget you use has a direct link to your playing performance. You can’t expect to have a high clicking rate when you are gaming with a traditional office mouse. Gamers know this fact, so they use specialized gadgets when playing. These types of mouse are equipped with sensors that are quick to respond to finger movements. Clicking or playing with such a mouse in games like Minecraft gives you an edge over the other players. When choosing a gaming mouse, factor in the size of your hands for comfort while playing. With a comfy mouse, you can have better hand movements, especially when performing unblocked CPS tests.

Games You Play

Every game has its own ideal CPS rate. The game developers sometimes determine this rate but, most times, are driven by in-game competition. Irrespective of how these clicking rates are obtained, the most important thing is understanding the game. Without a proper understanding of a game, there’s no way you can win. This explains why high cps gamers suffer heavy losses when playing a game for the first time. To avoid being a victim of the first-time curse and ruining your gaming reputation, always practice first. Use the offline beginner mode to learn before going against the pros.

Mental Well-being

Mental health is an underrated factor that affects the performance of most gamers today. It’s a factor that, if not properly managed, will destroy the joy and satisfaction you derive from gaming. The interesting thing about mental health is that it doesn’t discriminate between pro and amateur gamers. It affects everyone equally, irrespective of their CPS ranking. To keep your mental health in check, ensure you don’t joke with your bedtime. A good night’s rest has been proven to improve brain activities and reduce stress. Also, you must ensure you eat good food and only have positive thoughts, even plotting how to strike your virtual enemies.

Final Thoughts

There are so many other things that can influence the CPS performance of players in today’s gaming industry. Some of those things are linked to the games you play, gadgets, and mindset. As a gamer, one of these factors will indeed affect you in one way or the other. However, they are not impossible to overcome with the tips above. Remember that it takes time and consistent practice to perfect this skill so be easy on yourself.