Five scary technologies in the modern world

Modern technologies are intended to make our lifestyle much better. We can have doctors’ appointments using our mobile or computer. We are also able to watch our favourite episodes on the internet-enabled HD TV. It is also easy to pay bills electronically. Everything is beneficial to us and is best for saving your time. As a technology lover, we also like to have a look at the new products, available at a cheap rate or with discount offers. Many of us also visit (nofollow)to get a voucher and a buy the latest gadget that is on sale.

Now, we like to talk about the scary innovations, found in this present technological world.

Hacking the DNA-

Craig Venter, one of the American geneticists, discovered seven thousand microbial water species and five million genes. While our genome had been mapped, the scientists started dissecting base pairs, cause various diseases, including Alzheimer’s. However, the biotechnologists also dreamt of creating fresh DNA, which cures diseases. The future biologists will make out the way of programming bacteria and viruses to offer tailored healing option, which treats risky tumours.

Voices heard at a store-

When you get into a big shopping mall, you can hear a voice, which always urges you for buying commodities. In the conventional stores, you may find the smiling face of a person, who greets or welcomes you. However, now, you will not meet that person, and instead, you may hear a voice, whispering in your ear constantly. While you turn around for finding the source of the voice, you cannot see anyone.

Audio Spotlight is a particular system, used to play this type of tricks for promotion. While the sound wave moves from the speaker of this system, the air makes the sound audible by distorting it. This is the best option of advertising the products in a store.

Cars with no driver-

Throughout the world, millions of people lose their life due to auto accidents on every year. The traffic problem is one of the causes behind these accidents. Autonomous or self-driving vehicles of Google are released in the market to reduce the number of accidents. They will also keep up the flow of traffic through the algorithm. These vehicles have rooftop scanning system and GPS for responding to other cars.

However, one primary concern on these cars is the transition to the human from the robotic mode.

The mechanical chauffeur creates a voice to alerts driver on the potential situations, which need manual control. However, the engineers, at Google, are trying to make the alert timing system much better.

Printers for three-dimensional models-

In the manufacturing, these printers are now of considerable uses. MakerBot is also one of the systems, which can give you a printout of a three-dimensional plastic prototype of anything. However, the scary fact is that the terrorists are using these printers for designing bombs and guns by downloading files. Thus, it is one of the risky aspects of three-dimensional printing technology in the modern world.

Devices acting as the mind readers-

This potential will be found in a machine, which can read all your memories and thoughts remotely without taking your consent. However, this technology will not work until the integration of our brains in the communication and digital channels. A few years ago, one of the scientists had scanned brain data for finding out the alphabet at which a person is staring. Thus, it can open the path of what we are thinking or seeing. These devices may make our life much intolerable and increase crimes in the society.

Automated robots as a human killer-

It is horrifying that the researchers have created a robot for killing a target person.  However, original human level brains are not essential for the mechanism of these robots. It is already achievable to build up military cars with a robotic system. Nowadays, you may find robotic tanks, ships and aircraft. The military robotic systems can make out the targets quickly and then kill them with no help of a human being. They are the threats to all of us. Any country may deploy this type of robots.

Machines with high consciousness-

You may have already thought of a device, in which the engineers have added awareness artificially. However, it is also essential to imagine the impact of those machines. You will face risks while the functional and active brain is integrated into the computer.

Thus, these are the significant innovations, which can turn out to be scary and risky in our life. However, still, the technological world should have development for the positive effect on us. The researchers must create devices, which makes our life easier and more comfortable. Those devices will be the best reward for us.