Guest Posting Sites – Research and find them

When a person writes a blog or article to post on a third party site or blog it is known as guest posting and such posts are called guest posts. This is mainly done by writers with intentions to increase traffic to their site, to increase their visibility on the internet and mainly to promote their site. This will help them to establish themselves as writers on the internet.

The main ideology behind guest posting is to benefit both the writer and blog owner. Writer gets to establish himself as a writer and the blog owner will get good amount of traffic if the content is rich and unique with subject. Here is what you need to follow to publish your article. You need to research find a site that follows your niche, contact the site owner or the editors and send them your article, if they find it to their protocols, they will publish it.

Research your niche site

Here are ways to find a similar blog and contact them to post your article on their site.

Step 1: You must search for websites or blogs on the internet on the niche you prefer. You can get guest posting sites list on the internet. You can find sites where you can post your article as guest post and also you can allow them post their content on your blog as well.

Step 2: You must also check their website or blog, check for writing guidelines that you need to follow to write guest posts.

Step 3: Your must make sure if the article on the website must be related to your niche or industry

Step 4: You need to make sure your content is rich in subject and must be a crowd puller which means your article must be well written and highly informative.

Step 5: You must make sure you get to the right website where you can guest post your articles. Since there are several spam websites there are chances of you getting spammed.

Step 6: Always make sure the site you approach must be to your expectations.

Step 7: You can also check for the site’s statistics, check how other bloggers on the site have worked and how well their writing perform.

Guest posting sites.

The free guest blogging sites for SEO list enable those who are looking for writers to guest post on their site find writers looking for a site to guest post. It also allows for writers who do not have a blog be able to guest post. However, as it allows everyone to participate, it leads to spams. Spams are irrelevant articles that people post on the Internet. For writers it means that they have to make high quality work so as not to be spammed. However, making high quality work is time consuming however it is very important that all your work is high quality and useful to others. This is one good method to get to know writers of similar thinking and thoughts.