Guide to Building Effective Wi-Fi Splash Page

If you are an event planner, you want to use the event to recover some of the costs you incurred when putting up the event.

If you are new to event Wi-Fi, splash page or captive portal is a customized landing page that provides Wi-Fi access to your attendees and usually requires users to sign in.

A good Wi-Fi vendor should be able to design a captive portal for your event wireless internet.

Promoting your brand and customer engagement is something you can’t leave to chance, and designing a branded event-specific splash page will help you with this and much more.

Here are some rules to follow when building a splash page for your event Wi-Fi.

Avoid too much content

Stick to the main content you want to promote, which should also be short. After all, in the world of design, less is more.

The splash page should only include essentials such as your company logo, a welcome message, and a short log in options.

Make sure you also add terms and condition.

Use a few colors

Decorating your splash page with lots of colors will just confuse users. Use as little color as possible, but don’t go beyond two.

Few colors will allow users to focus on the content you are trying to promote.

Focus on key elements

When it comes to the splash page, you will be dealing with little space; therefore you need to be a bit clever to make it intuitive.

For example, use bold titles to grab users’ attention quickly, space your elements to ensure users notice your content, use images with a clear message. Avoid using meaningless images on your splash page, instead, use images that help drive home the message you want to send.

Make you splash page accessible

Make your splash page easy to find by your attendees by making the text readable, maintaining same contrast, placing the buttons to the footer, and offering a simple way out.

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