Helpful Tips for Successful Penetration Testing

Biz Tips: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Penetration Test a Success |  BizAtomic

Regular and ongoing penetration testing is essential to protect the sensitive assets in the organization from malicious or nefarious outsiders. Similar to any test, though, preparation is critical. Any organization needs to take steps to help ensure the penetration test is successful. Keep reading for some tips that will help ensure the pen test provides the information required.

Define the Business Objectives

It is essential to figure out what the business’s critical assets are and where they live. This is the only way a business can determine how to protect those assets. When these goals are defined before a penetration test by, a company will know if the process was successful.

Also, the findings will help businesses take steps to make improvements and better protect their organization. The “test” is a good assessment of if the security processes and controls in place are fulfilling their intent.

Perform Vulnerability Scans

According to best practices, it is a good idea to perform quarterly vulnerability scans. This will help to keep remediation efforts manageable. When these scans are done every three to four months during the course of a year, a business will know if there are any vulnerabilities present or patches that need to be secured.

Define the Hardening Standards 

It is a good idea to create a checklist that will outline the guidelines to harden the network and systems. This is an essential step in ensuring the organization is prepared for the upcoming penetration testing and to protect the network against malicious attacks. With the right hardening standards, a system will be secured to reduce the total surface of vulnerability.

Create a Penetration Testing Team

Make sure that the dedicated IT penetration testing team is fully prepared with backups that can restore systems and help recover data. This team also needs to prepare to work with the penetration tester to accomplish the set goals, which is to find any vulnerabilities that are present. They should also be ready to address any issues that are discovered.

Hire an Experienced Penetration Tester

When it is time for an organization of business to have a penetration conducted, it is necessary to find a quality tester with the experience and expertise required to ensure the desired results are achieved. Keep in mind that a quality penetration test will require an investment. Take some time to ask plenty of questions before moving forward or hiring anyone. Learn about the background of the individual or company to ensure they are suited for the job that needs to be done.

Investing in Penetration Testing Is a Smart Move

When a company is taking steps to safeguard its network or systems, penetration testing should be a part of the plan. This type of service is invaluable when it comes to information security and business continuity. Remember, though, the right pen tester is going to be required to ensure the desired results are achieved. Being informed and knowing what to expect is essential when it comes to a business’s network and keeping things safe and sound.