Here Are Some Interesting Ways Voice-Recognition Software Is Changing the World Around Us

Many people have followed stories of artificial intelligence and other high-tech advancements with bated breath, assuming such devices would revolutionize every aspect of our lives. In some ways, that new reality is already starting to come to fruition. For example, voice recognition is a fast-moving and competitive sector that has shown great strides toward becoming a replacement for an operator or other individual tasked with collecting and sharing information. There are many fascinating new applications for this development, but those listed below are among the most promising ways it is currently being used.

Reducing Hassle and Wait Times At the Pharmacy

As it turns out, the pharmacy counter at the local grocer or drug store might be one of the places to benefit most from the new technologies allowing computers to interact with the voices of customers. Interactive Voice Response, also known as IVR, is a big part of the current and future plans for many of these establishments. The capabilities of pharmacy IVR software are apparent even now, but as it improves there are likely going to be new ways to put it to great use.

Keeping Hold Times to a Minimum On Phone Lines

One of the biggest frustrations of calling a bank, insurance company or any number of other service providers can be the dread of encountering a voice prompt system with endless options and buttons to choose. With IVR techniques increasing in their capabilities, however, the future of this commonplace practice might be a bit more user friendly in coming months and years. Whether text to speech or simple voice recognition, there are many ways companies can employ this system to benefit their own bottom line and improve customer service at the same time.

Finding Solutions to Data Storage Limitations

With more data than ever floating around in the ether, there are new requirements and needs for companies responsible for keeping this information safe. One of the many ways that IVR software has been used so far is to keep sensitive facts and figures safe until they are needed by an appropriate party. The applications for this are numerous and include airline flight information including arrival or departure times as well as details about ticket holders. Lending institutions and credit card companies also use this advancement in technology to maintain a live log of current balances and account data.
New types of digital assistants are improving all the time and as the list above explains, there are likely ways to use it that many people have not yet realized.