Here’s What to Consider When Selecting a VPS Hosting Provider in India

It’s wonderful to know that your WordPress website is doing extremely well. You are getting consistent and increasing traffic, by the day. But, with that much volume comes a certain set of requirements, especially when you are hosting your WordPress website on a shared server. This means it is time for you to upgrade to VPS hosting. VPS or Virtual Private Server as a service is offered by a number of web hosting providers in India with more or less similar offerings. 

Let’s take a look at five key points that you can use to sift through the clutter and find the right fit. 

Monetary Implications:

When you buy web hosting, the first thing that impacts the entire process is the financial implications of the purchase. Hence, you first need decide the WordPress hosting price and your budget allocation for it. Once you have that sorted, you can then start picking all the features which your website may require or as offered by the plan.

Here, you need to focus on selecting a VPS web hosting provider that provides you with the best plan. If your website is an eCommerce platform that generates revenue, buy web hosting plan which gives you maximum benefits at a minimum cost. 

Server Speed and Performance:

In the times of high-speed Internet, people do not want to spend even a split second waiting for anything. A fact corroborated by about 88% of people, customers seem to never return to a website after having a bad experience. Slow load time is the biggest contributor to this category and is mainly due to a hosting server with low uptime rates. On the other hand, if the uptime rates of your hosting service provider are high, it means that their server’s performance is excellent. 

Best-in-class security features:

Data is more important today than any other resource on the planet. Thus, it becomes necessary to choose a web hosting providers who offer best-in-class security features such as SSL certificates, top of the line antivirus, phishing software, and more. 

Scope for Scaling: 

Some web hosting providers just have one product to offer. That might be a good thing expertise-wise, but it becomes a nightmare when you need to scale-up your website. It is best to pick a provider with a range of plans and products from the beginning. This way, when your website grows, you can easily upgrade your plan and can avoid all the efforts to look for a new hosting provider. 

Server Hardware:

The performance of your website will also depend on the kind of hardware that the hosting provider is using. Do thorough research to find out more about the hardware being used. It is important to know if the hardware is up to date. It should be able to handle the number of clients on board with the provider, etc. 

Once you have all these boxes ticked, you can easily opt for web hosting providers which offer the best of services for your website.