How Contact Center Operations Can Be Improved By Unified Communications

Sometimes customer service representatives receive calls from customers looking for technical information about their products and services, but most of the customer support people are not ready to offer technical details and it leads to bad customer experience.

What if the customer support employees have a comprehensive menu and technical troubleshooting details on their screens so that they can answer technical queries efficiently? This specific information will help your customers take informed decisions right away.

Peter Loftin’s Unified Communications allows you to handle technical service calls much more efficiently than it was practiced a decade ago. When you use a Unified Communications platform, communication improves both internally and externally because employees have much better tools that revolutionize the entire communication process.

In this article, we are going to explain how you can make transition to a Unified Communication platform.

A unified platform for all your communications
Unified Communications (UC) offers a unified platform, where in your employees can interact even if they are physically not present in the office with each other through different modes of communication such as Voicemail, video conferencing, VoIP, conference calls, instant messaging, emails, and cell phones.

Apart from that they can also use unified messaging (UM) and whiteboards and have your buddy status within instant messaging, which means you are available for communication. Now with United Communications from Peter Loftin, you can go a step further and categorize these buddies according to different skills and areas of knowledge and all of this is available on one screen.

Connect with the right person instantly
A simple interface is used to access all such types of communication within a uniform environment allowing real time delivery of such types of communication. Using this platform, the team would be able to connect to the best person, who can handle technical queries about the topic in question, so the correct answer can be given to the customer.

You can either click the contact button to initiate a call, or you can also start a whiteboard session or a page, wherein you can connect the customer to the right support specialist. If your business doesn’t have such arrangement, you can go for unified messaging (UM), albeit it can’t match the comprehensive functionality of UC from Peter Loftin. Through unified messaging (UM), you can combine all communications from different sources such as fax, email and voicemail, but real time delivery is not available in this case.

Through unified messaging, such communication from different platforms can be stored, so that the users can refer to it anytime they want. However, UM doesn’t offer improved communication synchronization. UM is not the same as Unified Communications.

UM doesn’t even group communications together, so it’s not like UC. But these terms are used interchangeably. Bundling all communications together, a UC platform can definitely improve productivity at your business.

Handling communications across various global locations has always been a challenge for businesses. You can now synchronize such communications in real time. You can also rout the calls. UC from Peter Loftin are based on VoIP technology and therefore even analog callas can be transmitted over the Internet. A UC system will send a routed call to the remote employee followed by a voice mail message. Switching to UC is not a complex process.