How does the Shopware POS branch or warehouse management work?

Any number of branches can be connected to the online shop in the shop ware POS backend. With the extended goods management, the corresponding article stocks are then assigned to each store. This means that you always have an overview of the stocks of the individual branches and warehouses .


Of course, your branches can also operate several checkouts and these in turn can be operated by different employees. In other words, you have a multi-client shop ware POS system. Once the Roberto cash register system has recorded all the relevant information about your branches, the software then takes on a wide variety of tasks for you, such as:

  • Evaluations of sales per cash register, return sales, cancellation sales
  • X-Receipt preview function
  • Z-Receipt creation
  • and much more

How does the administration of the receipts work?

The Shopware POS system fulfills all legal requirements of the data protection standard and is both GoBd and GDPdU compliant. The checkout surface is touchscreen-optimized and fully scanner-compatible. A manual or automatic selection of the number of articles is possible both via the keyboard and by scanning. The multiple functions of the POS system provide you with extensive support in your day-to-day business and in your daily accounts with the following strengths, among others:

  • Digital cash book
  • Daily closings
  • Real-time cash receipt preview
  • BON 1 & BON 2 function can be selected during the checkout process
  • X-BON ​​with digital preview
  • Z-BON with digital preview
  • Documents can be retrieved at any time
  • Cash book is also available as an Excel file (.xlsx)

What does a real-time system mean for you?

Most Shopware POS systems are offered as an app system. The main disadvantage is that these apps are usually tied to a specific operating system. Our Shopware POS system is web-based and can therefore be operated reliably regardless of the platform.

Checkout transactions are recorded in goods management in real time, reducing overbooking of individual items to a minimum.

What does fully scanner suitable mean for you?

In addition to manual input via the keyboard, you can also connect and use any barcode reader (scanner) . The barcode previously attached to the item can be easily read in and transferred directly to the Shopware POS system. The information stored on the article (for example the price, the description of the goods and the VAT) are retrieved from the Shopware system and printed on the invoice. The item sold in this way is then deducted from the inventory and updated. If this is the last item in your inventory, it will no longer be displayed as available in the online shop.

The most important POS system functions and what’s a pos actually?

  • The Shopware POS system is independent of the operating system as it is a browser application
  • Unlimited assignment of employees because these can be booked at any time
  • Unlimited number of warehouses / branches (bookable)
  • Creation of new customers via the Shopware POS system
  • Customer searchable by customer number in the cash register, because a cash register customer is also a shop customer
  • Digital numeric keypad so that you can bonge without a keyboard in an emergency
  • Separate number ranges for invoices so that you can separate the invoice documents of the cash register from the shop (optional)

All about the inventory / article:

  • Management of inventory per branch in the Shopware POS system
  • Comparison of inventory across systems
  • Bestsellers by day, week, month (Shopware statistics)
  • Full integration of Shopware statistics
  • Automatic creation of orders in Shopware
  • Items Search
  • Articles can be sorted by categories
  • Illustrated article overview for quick selection
  • Inventory display for individual branches / cash registers directly on the article in the Shopware backend

All about payment:

  • cancellation
  • Returns / returns
  • Individual cancellations also from receipts
  • Discount functions
  • Split payments
  • Down payment for orders
  • Calculation of tax splitting
  • Correct distribution of discounts and down payments even with mixed tax rates
  • Parking of checkout processes
  • Shop ware pricing rules are applied at the checkout
  • Payment methods controllable via Shop ware (basic payment methods: cash, EC, credit card)

All about the receipt / receipt:

  • Search for receipt no. and order no.
  • Customizable template for receipts and invoices
  • Two different receipt structures possible
  • Receipts with graphics and company data
  • Personalized receipts with customer data
  • Receipt function as digital representation
  • Receipt as a printout
  • Scanning receipts for auto cancellations and returns

All about the daily closing / cash book:

  • Cash book daily closing available as Excel table
  • Automatic monitoring of cash book totals with transfer from the previous day
  • Z-Receipt preview (X-Receipt)
  • Daily closing of the cash register
  • Daily closing history
  • Automatic Z-Receipt creation at night if the end of the day was missed
  • Digital cash book
  • Sales per cash register / branch