How to choose a perfect table lamp?

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Table lamps are functional and decorative. Thus, when choosing a perfect table lamp for your home, there are some important things to consider. You should take into account the shape and style of the lamp to satisfy your needs and enhance the décor of your home.  Important tips are given here that will help you in choosing a perfect table lamp for your home.

Lamp height

The normal height of a table lamp is between 24 and 31 inches. If you need a table lamp for your bedroom, you should choose a shorter lamp and if you need a table lamp for a living room, you should choose a taller lamp. The fact is that the bottom of the shade should be at your eye level when you are sitting next to the lamp. It will help you in reading properly without putting glare of light in your eyes.

Lamp width

Another important consideration for choosing a perfect table lamp is the lamp width. Measure the tabletop on which you want to keep the table lamp and compare it to the diameter of the widest part of the lamp. The lamp should not be wider than the table it sits on. Also, check the base of the table and what other items would you like to place on the table beside the lamp. A big lamp is of no use if there is no space left to put your glasses and a cup of coffee on the table.

Translucent and Opaque shades

If you want to enhance ambient light in your room and reading light, you should choose a table lamp with white light or light-colored fabric shades. If you want a darker room, you can choose table lamps with black opaque shades. These types of table lamps are perfect where work is being done near the lamp and light does not spread everywhere.

Lamp design

A table lamp is not used only to provide light in a room but it also acts as an object that enhances the beauty of the room. You can choose a table lamp with an attractive design. The color of the lamp should match with the other décor in the room such as pillows, drapes, bed sheets, or ceramic ware.

Replacing the old lamp

If you are getting bored with the old lamp, it is necessary to buy a new lamp with a new design. You should buy a new lamp with a different shade to give a new look to your room.