How to choose a Top 3D Optical Measurement Supplier

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There are so many benefits to the technology of 3D optical measuring. Its speed and extreme point density means you get your product in very little time. Choosing a 3D optical measurement supplier will involve seeing whether the supplier has all the latest 3D scanners and high class multi-sensor measuring machines.

Top quality measuring machines use white light sensors, so no contact with the object being assessed takes place. The topographical element is also key, as well as having all the latest 3D scanners. Some clients may look for have an assessment carried out digitally on just a part of the surface, rather than in its entirety. A supplier of 3D optical measurement services should have the facility to scan the entire part or analyse a requested section of the target product.

The Largest Service Provide in the UK

The UK’s largest service provider of 3D optical measurement supplies is Physical Digital. It has become a specialist in the field of high-accuracy, non-contact 3D scanning. It delivers a rapid solution at a competitive price and offers in-house automated scanning solutions. Physical Digital can also offer on-site mobile scanning where engineers support the client throughout the entire project.

The Key Services on Offer

As an end-to-end service, Physical Digital has the ability to hand hold the entire project from the start until its completion. 3D optical measuring and scanning is a complex operation and it recognises that experts in the field need to always be on hand.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering, quality inspection, design and ultra-fast prototyping are the key services on offer and that is just a part of what is on offer. A mobile bureau service works through Europe and the company has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry of GOM 3D scanning and providing services around this field of developing technology.

The Sectors of Industry Served

Physical Digital works for many sectors in industry, but its operations do tend to support engineering-based clients in particular. Industries like aerospace, auto industry (especially for tool making and parts reproduction) and the major oil companies too.

Range of Services

Physical Digital also works closely with the arts, health trusts, architectural and construction sectors too. Among the range of services provided are tool building, mould making, quality control, inspection and comparing parts to the CAD set using measurement data already taken through its scanners.