How to convert CBR to PDF using Caliber and ComicRack

Each of these mentioned programs can easily convert any CBR to PDF. Some allow you to convert a single CBR file to PDF, while others allow you to batch convert CBR to PDF. While converting, a couple of these programs allow you to add PDF metadata and even set the PDF page format. In some of these free programs, you will find options to modify your CBR files before conversion (we will talk about the options in detail later). One of these programs can also convert CBR files according to different e-book reader devices.

These programs are capable of handling various e-book and eComic formats, namely CBZ, RAR, ZIP, CBR, etc.

A very important feature to password protect PDF is missing from all these CBZ to PDF converting programs. If you want to password protect (encrypt) the converted PDF, you can try any of these programs to password protect the PDF.


Calibre is my favorite software to convert CBR to PDF as it provides both individual and batch CBR to PDF conversion. You can also add PDF metadata, page layout, and various other options before conversion. Calibre not only allows you to convert, but also to manage, read and edit e-books.

You can also get these free programs: Ebook Reader, eBook Creator Software, and Software To Extract Images From PDF.

Calibre is free CBR to PDF converter software for Windows. It is actually an open source e-book organizer software, which you can use to manage, read, edit, and convert e-books. This software has a very simple and well optimized interface to help you with file conversion and e-book management. This CBF to PDF converter also provides a batch conversion function that converts multiple CBRs to PDF files at once.

How to convert CBR to PDF using caliber:

  • Load the CBR file into this software using the Add Books option.
  • Now select one or more files that you want to convert and hit the Convert books option.
  • You now have options to convert the file individually or in bulk.
  • Before conversion, Calibre offers several options to modify the output and e-book parameters, namely: Metadata, Appearance, Heuristic Handling, Page Setup, Structure Detection, Table of Contents, Search and Replace, PDF Input, Debugging, etc. Basically all these features allow to change or modify various parameters of e-books for CBR to PDF conversion, both individually and in batches.
  • Finally, to start the conversion, you just have to select PDF in the output format menu and press the OK button.

In addition to the file conversion, you also get many useful functions such as the gauge library, the online bookstore, the option of viewing e-books in some specific format, etc. It is recommended for those who regularly deal with e-books.


ComicRack is a handy and free CBR to PDF converter. This software can also be used as an eComic book manager and reader. You can also add and manage your comic library using this software. Most eComic books are CBR or CBZ files and this software can easily read and convert both formats into PDF. Besides, this software is also compatible with many other formats, namely CB7, CBT, DJVU, etc.

How to convert CBR to PDF using ComicRack:

To convert a CBR file to PDF, first open any CBR file using this software. Now, right-click on the file you want to convert and select the Export book option. A new window will open, where you will get various conversion options. Here you can select the output folder, define the file name, set the output format, include or eInclude pages for conversion, set page formatting, change page size, set output quality, and even enhance PDF images by adjusting saturation, brightness, contrast, gamut, and sharpness. Once you have finished setting all the conversion parameters, press OK to start the conversion.

Using this software you can also convert multiple CBR files to PDF. To do this, instead of initially selecting a CBR file, select as many CBR files as you want and repeat the steps above.

In addition to format conversion, this software also offers many functions that make reading and managing eComic books easier, such as mouse wheel to scroll the book, double click to switch to full screen, etc.