How to find duplicate photos: Find, count and locate duplicate images

If you have hundreds of photos in your system, it is difficult to select the duplicate ones manually. The reason behind this anomaly is it is not possible to check all subfolders at one go because it is not possible to sort out all duplicate images accurately. Then you may start wondering if there is any way to locate the duplicate photos in an errorless way.

How to locate duplicate photos

So what is the easy solution to find duplicate photos in your system? If this is your question, then you may count on ImageRanger software for getting this job done of finding the duplicate photos from your media folders on your system. You need to follow these simple steps:

Download the application for the trial. You can get to use the software completely free of cost for the first 10 days to understand its multifaceted utility. Once it is installed in your Windows Operating system, you need to use the set archive location option to specify the top archive folder. This is the way to configure the archive location.

When the archive location gets configured, the software gets to read the images within the archive folder. The archive folder can be seen on the desktop and all subfolders are found available as shortcuts for finding and reading moving files. From here ImageRanger starts its activities which head toward finding the folders robotically.

How does it work?

  • The number of duplicated copies found in indicated on the image thumbnail
  • Once the all the images are scanned they are indexed automatically and you can now arrange the thumbnails according to the total number of duplicate images found in your folders
  • In order to locate duplicate photos, you need to right click on the thumbnail image: then you need to right click on the thumbnail image and select the “show” in explorer.
  • Meanwhile the software will browse the folders and will be counting the duplicate photos, which are appearing together in the same location on your media storage-drive.
  • There is a possibility that ImageRanger can detect photocopy images even when a file has multiple Metadata for example keywords or rating, etc.
  • If the content is resized, then also it will be counted as a duplicate.

These are simple ways to detect duplicated photos and organize photos on your computer in a hassle free and accurate way. It is user-friendly software and can be tried for obligation- free 10 days’ timeframe to get the hang of its versatility.