How to Make Malware Detection Easy

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nowadays, cybercriminals make strong viruses that are not easy to detect. You have to get the best malware detection tools that will protect your assets and information in the long run.

Information is very valuable. If you let someone steal your information online, you might find yourself paying for a credit card debt that you haven’t made. If you are running a big business, your employee profiles are also at risk.

What You Can Do

Get an IT company that can analyze responses in your computers and networks. They should be able to detect ransomware and unknown threats within seconds using machine analytics and computer behavioral analysis. You don’t need any passive software that you see with other companies. The software should proactively check for possible viruses and malware daily.

A good company orchestrates your system on chip (SOC) using the SOAR platform. Security Automation and Orchestration is a platform that can investigate big chunks of data. The comprehensive response platforms can triple the efficiency of your SOC and provides visibility of any threats. Using SOAR, the time of investigation can be reduced significantly for as much as 90 percent.

Get into the SOC Hub

With this hub, you will get an accelerated response time. You will reduce significantly your MTTR or Mean Time to Respond. This will be enough time for your company analysts to prioritized any high – priority incidents and remove them immediately. If you frequently, automate manual tasks such as alerting your computer, sending emails and intels about threats, you can do other important tasks.

A SOC HUB is composed of Tier 1, 2, and 3 analysts that get data about threats, and troubleshoot malware detections. When the tasks are automated, the escalations from the Tier 1 is reduced significantly to 50 percent. This will ensure that Tier 2 and Tier 3 analysts are able to focus on high-level and critical incidents on your network.

Efficient Investigation should be the goal. Because of the SOC 3D platform, you can get the graphs, dashboards, and reports that you are looking for at almost any time. Since the investigations are also automated, you can get a real-time report about threats and malware that are running inside your network.


If you are looking for a platform that is considered as world-class, go with SCADAShield. This protects your IT, IoT and OT assets including electric grids, manufacturing lines, transportation networks, data centers and smart buildings. Because of the 7-layer DPI or Deep Packet Inspection, unknown threats that penetrated your system are detected almost immediately.

You will have several features such as Real-Time Asset Discovery and Visibility that maps your entire network structure and including your non-IP devices. The IT company should have an updated technology to detect any foreign or unwanted threats that are still unknown. They should be known to comply with regulations. The NERC CIP and ISA /IEC 62443 are the standards that all IT companies are following.

You can find all of these in CyberBit. They are the partner that you are looking for. They have homegrown OT and IT products and a rich portfolio that they are proud of. If you want to get your company protected, contact them today and tell them what you need.