How to Maximize Your Brand’s Online Exposure with Minimal Budget

Did you know that the old ways of advertising included crude methods like carving on steel, just like what the ancient Egyptians did? And for several years, our great grandfathers had to flip through dusty pages of the newspaper to find a particular product such as Lease Jaguar XF or any service. In the next several decades, many businesses took their advertising and marketing efforts to the mainstream media – radio, print and television.

Many businesses still advertise on TV, magazines, and radio, but in this day and age, no marketing campaign is ever complete without the online component. The internet has become a valuable platform for a brand’s discovery and exposure. But unlike the conventional the mainstream marketing methods, you can get your brand to soar and level up in the market even without the hefty price tag.

Build A Website

The business website is your online portal to display your products and services. It is also the best platform to promote industry-related content and establish authority in your niche. Your website must be well-designed to encourage easy navigation and excellent user experience. Fortunately, you can create a site with a minimal cost, with or without the help of an experienced website developer. It’s a small expense that has become mandatory in the modern business landscape, which when used correctly, could help generate higher ROI.

Establish Social Media Presence

If you’re able to sign up on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for free, why not use these similar platforms to generate better brand exposure? According to Statista, social media has over 1.96 billion users around the world. Create your own brand’s page and profile on various social media networks and follow people who are likely to appreciate your business’ value proposition. The best thing about social media is that it creates a ripple effect – when one user likes, comments or shares your posted contents, these activities also show up on that user’s network, therefore widening your brand’s exposure.

Integrate SEO Best Practices on your Website and Social Media Pages

Now we come to the nitty-gritty details of online contents. Whether you’re promoting your business website or social media pages or both, it is essential to ensure that each content is optimized for search engines. SEO makes your site easily visible and accessible to users. When they type in a phrase and your website loads up on the first page results, you have better chance that the user will click on it.

It is essential to note that SEO is composed of several different techniques that can help your site obtain top results. A New York SEO consultant can help you nail the best keywords to rank, and consequently, create compelling, original and useful content injected with SEO’s best practices.

Whether you have a long-time family-owned business in Brooklyn or a start-up venture at the heart of Manhattan, it is imperative to be in stride with the current and future developments in marketing and advertising. You don’t need to shell out a tremendous amount of money to get people to notice your brand and compel them to buy your products. You can use low-cost but targeted marketing techniques like SEO to build brand awareness and exposure.